Books, Dogs & Gardening #5

I am craving Pumpkin Spice Latte! But because I won’t get to a Starbucks anytime soon, I need to make my own. I did make Pumpkin Spice syrup a while ago and it was really nice, so maybe I will get onto it next week!


I’m up to chapter 35 of The Summer Dragon by Todd Lockwood and I gotta say – not everything is great about it, but i LOVE the dragons. They are way too adorable when they talk and I need to read more about it! Only 15 more chapter to go, so we should be finished next week.

I jumped into The Wheel of Time and started writing slightly different summary postsWoT01_TheEyeOfTheWorld once a week. Every Wednesday for now. I get a real kick out of it and the positive feedback made me happy, so I will continue! I’m about to start chapter 6 and am actually enjoying the story so far. Even though there’s some eye-rolling involved πŸ˜€

I changed my work schedule to 1 week on/1 week off, which is really cool! I feel like I have a holiday every second week and so much more time to spend with my animals & hobby-farm.

Also, more time to read & blog, which is what I enjoy!

Have a lovely week, everyone! ❀


  1. Lockwood habe ich noch ungelesen zu Hause, hoffe aber, dass ich ihn noch in diesem Jahr lesen kann. Das Rad der Zeit hat mich durch meine Teenagerzeit begleitet πŸ˜‰ Im Deutschen hat es mehr als dreißig BΓ€nde – und ich habe sie alle … wΓΌnsch Dir noch viel Spaß damit!

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