And The Wheel keeps freaking turning…


The Wheel of Time turns & the Age for DeeZee to pick up this freaking series has come again.

It is not her first try.

She doesn’t know why she keeps coming back.

The Wheel works in mysterious ways.

Chapter 1

Enter Rand

Rand: Yo man. There was this man in black on a horse. He was staring at me. I think he wants to kill me. That shit was pure evil!

Mat: Ah. yeah. I saw him too. I think…. ….. Hey, I have a badger! Let’s go let him loose and scare the girls!

Random guy I: I heard there’s a gleeman!

Random guy II: There’s a gleeman.

Random guy III: A gleeman!
Chapter 2

Rand: Nothing ever happens here!

Mat: Yeah, we are boring.

Rand: Only sheep here.

Mat: LOTS of sheep!

Rand: Nothing to see here.

Rand & Mat: *GASP* A WOMAN!


Moiraine: How you goin’, boys?

Rand & Mat: hhhgndngjsdkj

Lan walks past. Face like stony planes and angles. Like a wolf.

Random I: Where is the gleeman?
Chapter 3

The Peddler, Mr. Info Dump arrives

Peddler: The Dragon Reborn, Aes Sedai, False Dragon, War, Darkfriends, Breaking of the World, The One Power, Thank you can I get some wine?

Rand: *says something*

Egwene: *offended*

The boys see a braid: OMG! AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

The boys talk to girls:


Perrin: A GLEEMAN!

Someone in the distance: I heard there are fireworks too!


    1. Thank you!! πŸ™‚ I will definitely, it’s too much fun πŸ˜€

      I’m not gonna lie – Sanderson is the main reason I am trying again. Him & the TV show I am for some reason very excited about. Probably because I can’t wait to see the world I was always a fan of.


      1. After reading 12 and slogging through 9, I feel obliged to finish it, although when is another matter. The good news is Brandon Sanderson wrote the last two, and I like his stuff.

        Liked by 1 person

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