Reading The Summer Dragon by Todd Lockwood (Start – Chapter 19)

I’m buddy reading The Summer Dragon by Todd Lockwood with my best friend Ina from Weird Words Within 🙂 Here is her announcement post.

This book has been on our list for a while now, because

a) Fantasy

b) Dragons

..and after reading the first 19 chapters I have to say that YES, DRAGONS ARE FEATURED FROM THE START AND ARE THE CENTER OF THE STORY!

I feel like I HAVE to say this nowadays as publishers try to catch us with dragon stories that are actually NOT dragon stories! ‘Just put a dragon on the cover, mate. They will buy it like hotcakes’. …nah, we are very suspicious now!!


I thought this was more a kids’ book but I have to revise my opinion. It’s not even YA I’d say, but good old-fashioned High Fantasy. You got a young heroine with her head in the clouds, who tends to get in trouble and thinks she is cursed. You got dragon hatcheries all around the country. And you got a threat of monster dragons called ‘Horrors’ who are dragons magically transformed and sewn together(?) with humans.. ugh… No one knows where they come from. But they destroy the country and the nice real dragons.

Dragons are actually super adorable, as they can imitate human language a little and are very clever. They bond with humans when they are young and this bond will last forever.

Most dragons are hatched for the ‘Dragonry’. To fight the Horrors. And there’s never been more demand than now!

It broke my heart to read about the young baby dragons being scared when they were herded away from their parents 😦 I can’t take this!! Protect ALL dragons!

Maia, our main character has wanted a dragon for ages. So does her older brother. But it doesn’t look good for them.

The book is called The Summer Dragon. Is there actually a summer dragon? Yes, there is! He is called Getig and is one of the mythical high dragons! When he appears it means that changes are coming. And of course Maia and her brother see him. They think it means they can both have dragons now.

But no-no. Agents from the Dragonry have just arrived and they don’t like the sighting of Getig AT ALL. Especially this dickhead Bellua, who thinks that the Summer Dragon is only an aspect of Korruzon, the Emperor’s Dragon and Highest of all^^ He doesn’t want news of 2 kids seeing the Summer Dragon to get out. And he wants to take ALL young dragons. Apparently seeing the Summer Dragon is a big deal and has to be interpreted right.

Can I say, that I absolutely hate Maia’s brother Darian? He’s a selfish coward who throws Maia under the bus when it suits him and pretends to be all sorry afterwards. And he never stands up for her! Boo! So in the end HE ends up with a baby dragon and Maia doesn’t. Even worse – Maia is supposed to be taken in front of the Emperor to tell her story, but actually she’s only going to be a hostage.

They also talk about marrying her off and Bellua is staring at her boobs all the time. Disgusting!!

Her family is not much help either. They are all talk, but no action. So Maia runs off, woohoo! She decides to get herself a wild female dragon qit, but uncovers way more than she thought. Action ensues, when Maia faces a group of dragon poachers and a Horror dragon! Ugh!

And of course her stupid brother turns up and makes it all more complicated! Can the Horror eat him please?

So far I enjoy reading the story and hope that Maia gets her little dragon and goes on to raise her! Because there is nothing I like reading more than humans with animal companions 🙂 Especially dragons! And those dragons in the story are really cool, as they have their own language/set of noises and are very intelligent!


  1. This sounds like so much fun!! Happy reading – I look forward to hearing more.
    And yeah, publishers of the world, don’t think you can lure us in with only pictures of dragons any longer! We are wise to your games!! 😀

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