Books, Dogs & Gardening #4

Last week sucked.

I had a flat tire at work and my spare tire is dodgy. Booked a car service and reparations for next week. Hope it won’t be too expensive, or I have to say goodbye to my car. And I love my car!

Spent yesterday & today at the emergency vet. I spare you the details but Wilma had minor surgery and I am now poor.

A massive branch fell on the fence around our veg patch. It is now broken but no time & money to fix it. I hope no one eats my strawberries!

But apart from that we are all healthy and it can only get better!

I started buddy-reading The Summer Dragon with my best friend Ina from Weird Words Within 🙂 I like it so far, even though the main character’s family sucks big time! I will publish a post on my progress tomorrow.


I’m also still reading Twelve Kings by Bradley Beaulieu but haven’t made a lot of progress. I’m at 46% in and it’s kinda slow-going because I am not a fan of the Ceda/Emre relationship. I like everything else about the book though and will definitely continue.



…..I couldn’t resist. Wilma’s face says it all. The Wheel of Time turns again…

I got a new Switch game the other day but didn’t have the time to play it yet. I’m very curious though! It’s Untitled Goose Game!


Here’s Walter & Wilma being cuddly

And some coffees I made at work


May next week be much better!


  1. Ooph, that is a lot to go wrong all at once! Hope you can recover from it all ok.

    And hurray for WoT! How do you think you’ll be handling it? Just one big review at the end of each book or some kind of update/quote/whatever posts throughout the month?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha, I am loving the goose so much! It’s a really sweet game and captures what being a goose is all about brilliantly lol (I lived with a goose! The honk is way louder & more annoying though 😀 )


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