My thoughts on: AEW Dynamite, Episode 2

Another week and another amazing show!

It started with the first match of the tag team tournament between the Young Bucks and Private Party. It was out-freaking-standing! AEW are spoiling us with their amazing tag matches. Their tag division is not an afterthought but one might argue it’s the best division they have! Marq Quen is amazing btw and I love his look!

Screenshot (106)

Chris Jericho came out with his team, the ‘Inner Circle’ and smashed it with a promo only he can cut! He didn’t only get himself and his group over, he also shut down an annoying chant and managed to incorporate ‘a bit of the bubbly’ seamlessly! I’m impressed and grateful that Jericho is there! Please never leave, Chris! Please keep acting like a dick!

Screenshot (109)

Jimmy Havoc vs Darby Allin was tons of fun and I liked to see Jimmy cut a promo before! I will ALWAYS support him! Unfortunately he lost, but still looked very strong and Allin is a star in the making so I’m not super mad! I know Jimmy will get his time to shine!

Emi Sakura & Bea Priestly vs Riho & Britt Baker —> Yes, I know Riho is small and skinny and blabla, why don’t you stop talking about her size and start mentioning what a great & strong performer and champion she is??

I wasn’t sold on that match, I lost interest a couple of times. I like Riho and I also like Bea Priestly from what I’ve seen, but it just didn’t flow for me. I also can’t get into Britt Baker. I don’t like her move set, it looks a bit slow and awkward at some times and I feel like she’s in the wrong spot. As in, she should be an obnoxious heel^^ Play it up that you’re a doctor. Pretend to be better than the others and stuff. I DO like that she uses a version of the mandible claw as her finisher though. And to be honest, I probably haven’t seen enough, so I’m ready to be proven wrong!

Jon Moxley vs Shawn Spears –> Moxley with the NJPW strong style ❤ This man can’t do wrong in my eyes. He could probably just stand in the ring and do nothing and I would be captivated. There’s something about him… That was a nice & stiff fight and I enjoyed it! Glad that Mox got the win. I have to be honest and say that I don’t really care too much about Shawn Spears. As in.. he doesn’t get a reaction from me either way. He seems to be lost in the shuffle a little bit. But hey, competition is good! He has to up his game^^

Dustin Rhodes & Hangman Page vs Chris Jericho & Sammy Guevara –> OMG, Dustin! Where did you find the fountain of youth?? Tell me your secrets!


This man there in red & lack? He is 50 years old and has been wrestling since 1988! So my whole life!!

Darby Allin attacked Chris Jericho with a skateboard after the match. It is one of the most glorious things I’ve ever seen in professional wrestling and I am hooked!

They are actually giving the people what they want. Not only that, they are letting the talent be themselves! You can SEE that! Nothing seems forced and they are actually letting their booking decisions be influenced by the crowd. Darby Allin is over? Good! Let’s reward him! Private Party are getting over? LET THEM HAVE AN UPSET WIN!

They have SO MANY performers who are over already! And it’s all developing organically! There is no one who is telling us whom to cheer or boo.

And on that note – I feel the traditional face/heel dynamic is shifting a bit as well. They got lots of people who are both? Who are good AND bad. JUST LIKE IN REAL LIFE! Jon Moxley is the ‘purveyor of violence’. He doesn’t take bullshit and WILL beat you up. But he has his rules as well! He doesn’t beat someone up who is already on the ground! He doesn’t need anyone else to do his dirty work. He’s straight in your face.

I wasn’t sold on the whole ‘wins & losses matter’ thing, but NOW totally am! This is so refreshing and gives us so many different match ups, without the need to build a long term feud! If you do well, you get a chance. That’s it. It makes sense and is giving us awesome matches like Chris Jericho vs Darby Allin

Other notes:

  • Orange Cassidy got one of the biggest pops of the night. And the only thing he did was sit in the audience and do his lazy thumbs up.  Mr. DZ and I are absolutely in love with this guy.
  • PAC on commentary was gold. And I agree with him! He’s undefeated and should be the next No.1 contender for the title
  • Darby Allin’s entrance music ROCKS!
  • …apart from that I am not sold on a lot of entrance themes. Gotta do some more work there!
  • I miss ‘ I hop you suffer’ 😦
  • Look, I was joking about Jake Hager standing around and looking like he didn’t know where he was… but this week he played the silent enforcer perfectly. He did not freaking move at all while he was standing beside Jericho. And I like that!

To finish this post, here is a good contender for wrestling without context:




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