Review: Searching for Dragons. Enchanted Forest Chronicles 2 by Patricia C. Wrede

Those wicked wizards are at it again! This time they are draining power from the searchingEnchanted Forest. And that does not sit well with Mendanbar the King. On the advice of the witch Morwen, Mendanbar decides to consult with Kazul, the King of Dragons. When he arrives at Kazul’s cave, he meets Princess Cimorene and learns that Kazul has been captured by those horrible wizards. Mendanbar and Cimorene will have to search for him, traveling over mountains and past man-eating giants, terrifying rock snakes, and an assortment of magic-wielders.

  1. Dealing with Dragons
  2. Searching for Dragons
  3. Calling on Dragons
  4. Talking to Dragons


Another cute little tale from Patricia C. Wrede! This time we follow the new King of the Enchanted Forest – Mendanbar. Yes, it’s a horrible name, and I stumbled over it in the start. You can’t even give him a nickname. Menny?

Anyways. He is pretty loveable, calm, he thinks things through and is protective of his realm. Even though he doesn’t want to be bothered by court politics and princesses. He is a tad too powerful with his magic and magical sword, but that’s it.

It’s a pretty straight forward tale. Power is drained/stolen from the Forest and Mendanbar goes on a quest to find out what’s happening. On this he meets new and old characters. Many quite quirky and interesting, like the giant who is tired of raiding villages and starts selling insurances šŸ˜€

On his way, Mendanbar teams up with Cimorene, whom we know from book 1. Cimorene is worried because the King of the dragons, Kazul, is missing and it might be connected to the fuckery with the Enchanted Forest.

They are both very cute together! They start out having prejudices, but in a twist (gasp!), they actually talk about it, are open and mindful and realize that the other person is not what they think they are. Wow! Isn’t that nice for a change? No bitching & bickering and sassyness!

It was just loads of fun and adventure. Fluffy and easy and makes light-hearted fun of fairytale tropes. It’s a feel good read!

…could have had more dragons though!



  1. I totally agree, Wrede is great, I’ve read only the first volume of these, but I have the entire set ready and waiting for my nieces to get a tiny bit older so I can read it to them šŸ™‚

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