My thoughts on: AEW Dynamite, Episode 1


It was a long wait, especially if you were there since the very beginning, but ‘All Elite Wrestling’ finally premiered yesterday! For everyone in the US it is live on TNT. For everyone outside it is available on Fite TV for 8$ (Aussie^^) a month. Which is a bargain!

Notes before to get it out of the way: Yes, I know it is ‘not real’. Like ‘Game of Thrones’. I still get invested and cheer for the performers/characters.

I was very excited for the weekly show to start and had high expectations!

And in the end I was beyond happy with episode 1! Not only did it have amazing wrestling matches, it was a perfect mix & perfect form of entertainment with the audience being hot from the start and reacting to the performers and matches! Cause let’s be honest. If the audience is not really into it, even a great match doesn’t feel like it’s that much fun.

Cody Rhodes vs Sammy Guevara

I was never a big Cody fan, but he really won me over. Seeing him so emotional and shaking his head in disbelief while he was walking towards the ring was incredible! Without him this promotion wouldn’t be there. It was quite emotional!

He was having a match against Sammy Guevara, a regular of Mexican promotion AAA (check it out if you love lucha libre, Bon Jovi, Clowns and chaos!). Sammy Guevara is basically a cocky dickhead who wears a panda hoodie. I love it. He’s super athletic and still so young. I can see them investing big in him.

The match was a great starter! Told a story, had the crowd invested and showed some really innovative moves. It was a wonderful showcase of what SammyG is capable of. And Cody wrestled his heart out.

There also was a ‘Spanish Fly’.. I’m equally scared & excited by this move. Thanks, Will Ospreay^^

Cody ended up winning with an inside cradle after Sammy whipped out a ‘Shooting Star Press’! (also one of my favourite moves!!)

This is actually important, cause your win/loss record matters and Cody is the next challenger for the AEW title!

Talking about that.. enter Chris Jericho who proceeds to beat up Cody for the next couple of minutes.


I like Jericho. He’s so over, he can’t get any more over. He also transcends the heel & face dynamic. Jericho is just Jericho. The GOAT.

Brandon Cutler vs MJF

This was a short one in which MJF showed why he is one of the best heels in the business at the moment.


He gets legit heat with the audience (and fans of ‘Dungeons & Dragons’) and plays a nasty little cheat in matches to perfection! He submitted Cutler after a low-blow and some more shenanigans. I’m digging this!

Hangman Adam Page vs Pac

I have such a soft spot for mean, scowling, evil bastard Pac! I’m so happy he’s there and I’m even more happy that he’s booked strong. He won against Hangman with the ‘Brutalizer’ after hitting a ‘Black Arrow’. The match was super stiff and I love Hangman’s ‘clothesline’! Could have been a bit shorter & the pacing was a bit off. But all in all they always had my full attention and I was sports-entertained!


Pac trash-talking and looking disgusted & like he doesn’t want to be there warms my heart 😀

Riho vs Nyla Rose for the Women’s Championship

Woah. I did NOT expect this to be that good. I’m a Riho fan now. This woman is 23 years old and a freaking 14-year veteran in the ring. Omg! I love her style, I love that she plays the perfect underdog against a beast like Nyla Rose (who was also GREAT in the match!), I love her ragdolling for Nyla and I love that she got the crowd invested like crazy!!

And Riho actually won the title! To a loud pop!

After the match Michael Nakazawa came out to cheer with Riho but then Nyla beat him up 😀 And then Kenny Omega came out and had a stand off with Nyla as well? Not sure what to think of it and where they are going with it? Maybe planting the seeds for future intergender wrestling matches? That would be neat!

The Young Bucks & Kenny Omega vs Chris Jericho & Santana & Ortiz


The RIGHT amount of over the top & dramatic for me, yes!!!

Also, after Jericho & team won, JAKE HAGER (formerly known as Jack Swagger) turned up and beat up the Bucks! And he looked like he had NO CLUE WHY HE WAS THERE! Maybe that’s his face but he looked confused af 😀


End of the show. The heels stand tall!

Other notes:

  • Jay & Silent Bob where there and my dude Jack Evans was trash-talking them! God bless Jack Evans. A shame he was not on the card! I hear he was in a dark match so that is something at least. Put him in the spotlight asap!
  • Mr. DZ and I both loved Aubrey Edwards, one of the refs. Her facial expressions are spot on and she’s doing a GREAT job!
  • Rey Fenix’s English is getting SO good. I have lots of respect for him cutting promos in a language he is still learning.
  • Lucha Bros ❤
  • Pentagon Jr ❤ ❤


That was a great first episode. It just felt BIG and special. The audience was loud and invested and the production was excellent! We had lots of pyro, consistency, drama, interference in little doses, not too many shenanigans, surprises, feel good moments, emotional moments… that’s what I want in a TV show!

Not once did I lose interest.

I’m looking forward to next week’s show!


  1. Ok, first off, your use of the phrase “whipping out a…” in a post with huge burly men wearing teeny little spandexy clothes, well, it was disturbing. Yes, you were talking about a wresting move, but it was traumatic. I’m actually considering calling out of work today! 😉

    Man, sounds like you had an absolute blast. And if this was just episode one of an entire season, I sure hope it stays just as strong and doesn’t petre out.

    I have to admit, I’m not a fan of inter-gender wrestling. It seems inappropriate on so many levels. It doesn’t help that my exposure to female wrestlers has been limited to what I’ve seen on the news back in the day, which mainly consisted of “Female Wrestler X does porn” for the most part. Doesn’t inspire confidence.

    Does this have anything to do with the WW(whatever letter) franchise?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hahaha, thank you for your comment!! I can always blame inappropriate use of words on me not being a native speaker 😂 ‘i didn’t know, i’m innocent!’

      It was a lot of fun! I didn’t think I would enjoy it that much, so that’s even better! And to have one episode a week plus big events 4-6 times a year is a great schedule. Works well with the Japanese wrestling I’m watching as they mostly do several tours/tournaments during the year & don’t have a weekly show.

      I understand what you mean about female wrestlers back in the day! There’s been a huge change happening though and there’s so many athletic & amazing female wrestlers around. I once watched an intergender match in which it wasn’t even a topic that ‘one’s a boy & one’s a girl’. it was just a ‘match’ 😃

      AEW actually is competition to WWE and a lot of performers used to work for them but left cause they were unhappy…

      …whoooole different story 😆

      But it’s a great time to be a pro wrestling fan!!

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