Top Ten Tuesday: Book titles including numbers


That one was fun! I thought I wouldn’t find any, but I actually did. I tried to not pick random books but actually those I read or want to read.

1Q84 / Haruki Murakami


The third and last part is still on my TBR this year. I hope I get to it!

2312 / Kim Stanley Robinson


I’ve started it a couple of years ago and pretty quickly set it down again. I don’t even remember why. It just didn’t click I guess. I don’t have any memories of this novel at all.

The Drawing of the Three / Stephen King


The one that almost made me give up. The only book of the series I struggled with. After that it was binge reading!

The Fifth Elephant / Terry Pratchett


One of the few I have not read yet. On my lust though – as is every Pratchett novel!

First Truth / Dawn Cook

first truth

Read this over 10 years ago I think? Finished it, but did not leave an impression so I never continued. Lots of my friends went on to read the whole series and loved it.

Undisputed: How to Become the World Champion in 1372 Easy Steps / Chris Jericho


I need to figure out if I already read this or not. Mr. DZ has been reading all of Jericho’s books on my Kindle and therefore I don’t remember where I stopped. I think I read the first 2 an started the 3rd?

The Tenth Power / Kate Constable

tenth power

The third part of a trilogy that started strong but unfortunately ended up being a disappointment.

The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms / N. K. Jemisin


Loved this!

The Fifth Doll / Charlie N. Holmberg

fifth doll

Still on my wishlist. Not sure at the moment, cause Holmberg’s books are all so similar. Maybe when I feel like it, cause they are always well written and feature interesting kinds of magic.

The Twelve / Justin Cronin


The second part of the Passage trilogy. I enjoyed it, but it could have been shorter. The first remains the best of the 3.


  1. Nice list — and we match for #3! Sadly, The Drawing of the Three is the last one I read in the series, and I do want to go back and finish, but it’s been too long and I really don’t like the idea of having to start over. Is the Pratchett book part of DiscWorld or is it a stand-alone?


  2. The Fifth Elephant. I’ve been even more curious to read that one since I have been working on my discworld reading challenge for next year (to read actual discworld novels lol).


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