Books, Dogs & Gardening #2

Since my last Sunday post I’ve finished re-reading Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb. There are a couple of things I see differently now but I still love the book to bits & appreciate the story and especially the little hints for things to come! Working on my review.

I went back to Twelve Kings by Bradley P. Beaulieu after that and am now up to 38%. Some things are predictable, but I still like the setting and the mystery of the Kings. Not a fan of Emre & his pov so far. He’s boring and I would be more than happy to only read about Ceda.

Anyways…Reading’s been fun and on the 10th of October my best friend Ina and I will be reading The Summer Dragon by Todd Lockwood together. I can’t wait!!

Yes, I’ve been using Walter as a prop^^ He’s used to my Kindle and books by now and knows they are NOT to chew on.

Taking about the dogs – they were having a blast! Now that their recall is good and I know they will not run off, they are allowed in the big paddock again.

Walter & Wilma at the dam, Walter posing majestically and the dogs having fun chasing each other!

And talking about my animals…

Meet Eevee. She was a stray cat and living outside the village I work at. She was caught and about to be brought to the pound. Even though she wasn’t feral. But it’s kitten season and shelters are full… So it was a spontaneous decision to take her home. She is still a little girl & I will take her to the vet next week to get microchipped & to make an appointment for desexing her. No kittens please!

Eevee is super affectionate and content! She loves cuddles, getting belly rubs or just sitting in her new comfy bed. She doesn’t like the dogs (yet) but we have enough space and they can avoid each other πŸ˜€

Anything else?

Yes! I’ve made 5 bottles of lemon gin out of our own lemons. Now we have to wait 6 weeks for it to be ready to taste!


I’ve planted another lot of seeds but won’t put them outside just yet. It’s still getting pretty cold at night. Hopefully I’m ready to go all out in 1-2 weeks.

Hope you all have a great week!


  1. I can’t wait to read that review on Apprentice and what you think differently of it now. It must have been a very different experience catching all the hints from later in the series.


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