The Boujee Book Tag

I was tagged by Emily from Embuhleeliest, thank you very much πŸ™‚

The tag was originally created by abookolive.

I don’t think I’ve done a tag all year, so there’s a bit to catch up on!

1. What is your average monthly budget for books?

I don’t have one, because I don’t hoard books and only buy new ones when I’m (almost) out of books to read^^ And because I’ve been a really slow reader this year, there is no need to set a limit.

But in general, my budget would be everything that’s left after all the bills are paid & the animals are cared for!

2. What’s the most you’ve ever spent in a bookstore?

I don’t remember the exact number, but my best friend and I we often went on book hunts together and I guess it must have been between 80 and 100 Euro. Back when my TBR was still way too high.

3. Are you willing to pay full price for a brand new release, or will you wait until you have a coupon or there’s a sale?

It depends. If it’s a release I’m curious about but I haven’t read anything by the author I mostly wait a while. If the reviews look great, I might buy it, even if it’s not cheap. If the reviews are average and i feel like I might not like it, I wait. Or skip it altogether.

If it’s a sequel I’m waiting for or something new by an author I like, I throw all my money at them asap^^

4. Would you rather buy one new book or several less expensive used copies?

I am not too fussed about used book. I actually prefer lots of older versions to the newer ones. I would probably end up going for the used copies as long as they are in a good condition.

5. What do you think is a reasonable price for a new hardback book? A paperback? An eBook?

That’s hard. I won’t pay more than $30 for a hardcover and no more than $20 for a paperback. No more than $15 for an ebook but I watch out for anything under $10 there.

6. Is a signed book worth more to you? How about a first edition?

Yes. For me, personally. But it depends on whether it’s a book by my favourite authors or not. Otherwise I wouldn’t care about a signature.

7. What is your most valuable book (sentimental or actual value)?


Those 2 have most sentimental value to me. They are the only 2 books left from my original book collection back in Germany. My parents found them in their basement and send them over. I was so grateful cause I thought I sold/gave away most. I wish I hadn’t now. I wish I would have kept them all in my parents’ basement so they could have sent them over 😦 Getting rid of all of them was one of the worst decisions of my life!

Once I’m rich I’m going on a massive hunt to get them all back!

8. Will you pay more for a cover or edition you like better?

Yes. Yes, I will. I’m picky with my physical books. The only reason I haven’t bought ‘Under the Dome’ by Stephen King yet was that I hated the covers available.

I don’t care with ebooks, they don’t stand on my shelf πŸ˜€

9. What physical characteristics does a good quality book have?


I have strong feelings about that one!

10. If you won the lottery, what bookish things would you do with the money?

Buy ALL of my favourite old versions I used to have. Build the best medieval style library EVER!

BONUS: Give us an image (actual or mental) of your dream home library!

I always liked a reading nook next to a big, open window with great views. But coupled with a medieval/Fantasy library! Kinda sounds hard, cause it has to be gloomy, but then I want an open window as well.. day I will design it πŸ˜€

This is just an example of a reading nook.



  1. I remember our book hunts πŸ˜‚ now that I keep my TBR low I don’t do it anymore as well. But I spend a lot of money this year when I bought all the Rivers of London Books by Ben Aaronovitch. But I nearly finished them all, so it was worth it πŸ™‚

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