Top Ten Tuesday: What do you eat/drink while reading?


I missed the last topic!  So I’m doing it this week instead.


Coffee and books belong together. It is the perfect combination for me! I love coffees & I love books.

Iced Coffee


In summer I mostly drink iced coffees! Just as good ❤



Mostly in winter and in the evenings, when I can’t drink coffee anymore.

Red Wine


A glass of red in the evenings! Or when I’m on holiday it’s cocktails!

Cheese & crackers


My favourite snack food. Could eat it anytime.


peanut mms

I prefer the peanut ones! But only sometimes. I’ve cut back on sugar.

Carrot & celery sticks


Because I like to snack & make an effort to stay healthy.

…I can’t really eat anything that might become messy, because I tend to drop things and don’t want to ruin my books! It’s also easier when I’m reading an ebook cause one hand can be free!



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