Books, Dogs & Gardening

I’ve started my Robin Hobb Re-Read! It’s so exciting to revisit such a huge series that was with me for over a decade. I call it one of my all-time favourites and pray it will still be the same after I read it a second time. I don’t know when I read Assassin’s Apprentice for the very first time.. Might have been around 2008?

I’m prepared to see it in a different light though as my taste in books has changed over time. So far I’m loving it all over again ❀ it is so nice to be back with everyone! I have a different opinion on Chade though. Knowing what I know now.

I have company while reading


Walter has been such a beautiful boy! He’s gotten more cuddly and more attentive. He stopped most of his puppy behaviour (nipping, chewing on everything but his toys, not listening^^) Now he wants to please us. He’s a bit of a show off. Especially since we adopted his sister, Wilma πŸ™‚ Please meet beautiful Wilma:


She is about 13 months old and a rescue dog. We were lucky to be able to give her a home last week and Walter & her are the bestest friends πŸ™‚ We don’t know exactly what breed she is. She was described as a ‘Maremma Sheepdog blend’, but we’re not so sure. It doesn’t really matter anyways – she is a beautiful, affectionate & gentle lady who can play rough with Walter if she wants to! And that’s basically what they’ve been doing during the first days. They are so, so tired in the evenings!

Wilma needs a little training still, but she’s also keen to learn and got all her basics down, like sitting, coming, waiting for food and walking on the leash!

She’s only been with us for a week now and stole all of our hearts!

I won’t talk about gardening much today. It’s been slow & frustrating. But kinda my fault. I put some seedlings outside too early, we got some really cold days and they died 😦 My strawberries are alive still, but growing slowly. The only things going well are my herbs and a capsicum plant! I will re-start tomorrow!

It’s been much warmer for 2-3 days now and at least my chooks are doing amazing! The other day I got 3 eggs and my old girl Chyna’s first this season, Yay, Chyna girl! You still got it πŸ˜€


Let’s hope for a nice & mild spring week so my plants won’t die again!!


  1. And we actually wanted a neat little garden around the house! We planted grass there cause it was all spotty and first it was doing SO well. Until Wilma arrived and they started chasing each other around the house. It looks like we have race tracks now πŸ˜€ And most of the grass is gone again^^ Ah well, we try again! And maybe fence off certain parts until they’re done

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