Check-In #4

Hello, I’m still alive!

The last weeks have been crazy and especially the last week! Lots of things happened and we just accepted the fact that 2019 won’t slow down for us^^

But it’s all good! It all turned out well in the end!

I’m snail-reading at the moment. 1-2 books a month it is. But that’s fine. I will just enjoy it when I get to it!

Since my last post I only finished The Dragon Republic by R. F. Kuang, which I enjoyed mostly. I decided to read Twelve Kings in Sharakhai by Bradley P. Beaulieu after and am also liking it so far! It’s taking place in the desert and I’m happy to read about a combat-proven heroine who is not unbelievable so far^^ It’s a mystery as well as a Fantasy and I am digging all of it! Up to 15% now.


I’m also going to start re-reading Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb cause I want to experience the WHOLE series again.

I gave up on The Amber Spyglass for now. Those trunk things annoy me, and I can’t see the point. I want Lyra back, but she’s asleep the whole first half of the story! Boooo!

Let’s talk about Walter!

He’s almost 9 months old now, and doing well! He’s done with chewing/biting at everything and I can leave my shoes out again 😀 His recall is at 90% I would say 😀 He learned dropping the ball and he’s very happy that he got to play fetch so much today!


..We also went to the dog park a few times and guess which dog sat in the ONE puddle!? Yep, this one!


Lesson learned: always bring an extra towel!

..He also likes keeping me company when I’m reading. And I was taking advantage of the couple nice & warm spring days we had already!


It’s just SO nice to have a dog companion 🙂

My chicken ladies are all doing very well too! 3 of the 4 are laying – the only one who isn’t yet is my old girl Chyna. But no pressure! She’s 3 years already, which is old for chicks 😦 And the other ones are only a couple of months old. Some of you were wondering how the eggs look like – here’s one I was frying. You can see that the egg white is more like a jelly/sticks more to the yolk and slightly yellow.


We made good use of the nicer days and worked outside! I got some herbs going & moved a couple of my seedlings outside. Put strawberries & pineberries (white strawberries that are supposed to taste like pineapple) in the ground. All looking very neat & I’m happy with it 🙂 I also got several lavender plants to attract more bees!

We harvested lemons from the established lemon tree and oh boy, I can’t make THAT much limoncello 😀


On that note… have a lovely Spring or Autumn, depending on where in the world you are 🙂


  1. Hey speaking of Assassin’s Apprentice, did you see that there was an illustrated hardback edition coming out this month for the 25th anniversary? I’m so pumped for it, it looks b-e-a-utiful!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That’s the first I’ve heard of pineberries.
    Seems that your farm is going well. I think of it as a farm and think it’s really cool. It makes me think of my grandparents’ house in JA. They also had lots of animals and fruit trees so in the mornings we could just pick an orange or mango or plum from outside to have with our breakfast.
    So cool you’re reading Assassin’s Apprentice! I’m on the last book of the Realm of the Elderlings series now and already I’m thinking about rereading it all, lol.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That would have been a dream! And I am jealous of your grandparents growing mangoes 😀 We don’t have the right climate unfortunately.

      Haha, I understand that feeling! Especially once you finish the whole thing and look back 🙂 I am glad I picked ‘Assassin’s Apprentice’ up again – it’s been such a long time and I forgot so much!


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