DNF Review: The Wolf in the Whale by Jordanna Max Brodsky

There is a very old story, rarely told, of a wolf that runs into the ocean and becomes a wolf in the whalewhale…

Born with the soul of a hunter and the spirit of the Wolf, Omat is destined to follow in her grandfather’s footsteps-invoking the spirits of the land, sea, and sky to protect her people.

But the gods have stopped listening and Omat’s family is starving. Desperate to save them, Omat journeys across the icy wastes, fighting for survival with every step. When she encounters Brandr, a wounded Viking warrior, they set in motion a conflict that could shatter her world…or save it.

Abandoned at 64%. That’s the odd one out. Normally, once I’m this far in, I would finish it. But this book has been sitting on my kindle for months now and i gotta admit that I will never get back to it.

It’s a shame, as it started out really interesting! It was slow, but well-written and the author made me invested in Omat and her people. It’s a bleak world and Omat has to suffer a lot. I would have liked to read about her overcoming the odds but nah.

What pissed me off was, that this viking dude turned up and confessed to having raped 3 people. But he’s the one I should feel sorry about cause ‘that’s what vikings do’ and ‘he didn’t have a choice’. Come on. I am aware that the vikings were raping and pillaging. But don’t make it seem like he’s the freaking victim!!!! And it doesn’t make it okay ‘because everyone was doing it’!!! Oh, the poor man. Haunted by the eyes of the 3rd rape victim who killed herself after he was done with her. Now, how could she do this to him and make him feel so bad about it?

I’m disgusted. This is ALL kinds of wrong. No more of this book. Where are all the positive ratings coming from? Did I misread anything? Did he actually not rape anyone? Is he dying a most horrible death? Am I overreacting? Tell me spoilers, please!


  1. I’m sorry you didn’t like it- and I can totally see where you’re coming from. That being said, this was one of my favorite reads for the year. I don’t know that we were supposed to feel bad for Brandr (not sure if I’m remembering his name wrong) I think it’s more about finding his redemption, and Omat finally finding someone who accepted him as he was. I hope your next read is better.

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  2. Sorry this didn’t work for you, but you are not alone in your feelings as I’ve read other reviews that also couldn’t get past what Brandr did. I agree with what Sarah said above though, I don’t think we were supposed to feel bad for him and I personally did not sympathize with his reasons nor think he was a victim by any means. It did shine another light on his relationship with Omat though, and the kind of heart she has.

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  3. I hadn’t been against this book before, but I wasn’t positive about reading it either. The only thing that interested me was the cover. I think I’ll just leave it as “neat cover” and stick with my original instincts that this might not be a book for me.

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