Friday Check-In

….on a Sunday morning 😀

I’m sorry, I’m still not having my groove back. But am getting there!

Last week was okay!

Our chickens are doing well – they started cuddling up on their perch – apart from Trish, she doesn’t know how to perch and rather sits on her breeding box -.- They all don’t lay eggs at the moment, but that is probably the cold weather’s fault! We might get another bunch of 4 or 5 soon, when the ones I want are available. It’s all starting around now.

I’m thinking about selling or swapping some eggs as well, as I will have more than enough with about 9 hens.

Walter is ‘graduating’ obedience school tomorrow 😀 He’s learned all of his basic commands and we’re practicing heel walking right now. I wasn’t sure whether i should bother, because he’s a farm dog. But then I DO take him out a lot and I don’t want him to wear his halti all the time. And it won’t hurt. He’s keen to learn!


I love that dog so much! ❤

I’ve been planting some seeds 2 days ago and the cauliflower & broccoli already sprouted, yay! Just some winter & early spring veg and flowers, as it’s still too cold.. and I’m having them inside in my portable greenhouse for now 😀


I can’t wait to plant most of it in a couple of weeks! Got some interesting fruit, like the cape gooseberry which I’ve never tried before. And I want all the sunflowers, they are my favourites.

I don’t know a lot about flowers in general, I was mostly planting veg.. We have so many bushes, trees etc on the property though and some are getting pretty flowers now! Maybe I need to get a book to figure out what kind they are 😀 Here’s a little collection:


…I LOVE snowdrops and we have them everywhere at the moment ❤


I finished Norwegian Wood last week and am not sure about it. that’s why there’s no review yet. Gotta think some more. It was okay? But kinda a wastall systemse of my time simultaneously? I’m confused. Maybe I don’t get it. Maybe no more contemporary for me right now!

I jumped straight into The Amber Spyglass after it and read a good chunk in one go. Now I’m stuck a little because I don’t know why they introduced those weird trunk creatures?! I want Lyra back please. I’m about 120 pages in and will read on once I finished this post. If I’m still stuck I will move on to something different. Don’t want a slump!

I also read a sample of All Systems Red by Martha Wells and decided to purchase it. I pre-ordered The Dragon Republic by R. F. Kuang and this should have my Winter reading covered!

We still didn’t watch the last episode of Good Omens, but there’s so much wrestling on at the moment, I have no time 😀 Between that, Mr. DZ, gardening, reading, Walter & playing Switch, my free time is gone! I’d love to do some other things as well, like start cross-stitch, do some puzzles and crochet! Can days be longer, please?

I also would love to buy a real nice Barista coffee machine for home, so I can experiment more!

Here’s a cinnamon-vanilla latte I made for myself at work last week 😀


Hope you all have a lovely week! ❤



  1. Looks like you’re setting up quite the farm/garden! I went to a county farm fair today, gave me a much deeper appreciation for the art of growing vegetables and raising animals, lol. Aw, Walter is growing up to be a handsome boy 😀

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  2. My goodness, you are busy as a bee!

    You might want to buy a good plant book, just to see what you have around your property. You might find out you want to get rid of something to aid some other plant or add something. The intricate network of how plants interact with each other is just amazing.

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    1. It’s crazy!! I’ve started taking some ‘samples’ into work as we have a lady there who is over 80 and is a walking plant bible 😀 She’s been a huge help already! Identifies everything for me & gives me good tips & tricks!

      …she also makes the BEST ‘Bloody Mary’ 😀

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  3. The pink ones are definitely camellias, and the whitish one also looks a lot like camellia – check the leaves, if they are dark green, tough and leathery, and shiny on the outer side, there’s a good chance for it 😀
    Your dog knows how to pose for cute pics, that’s for sure 😀

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  4. Sounds like your little farm is doing quite well! I do think it’s a good idea to get any pup into obedience training, even if you don’t use it on a regular basis. You never know when you’ll need to use the lessons they’ve learned.

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