Top Ten Tuesday: Books I want to read this Winter


Different topic, sorry! But I missed the one on Summer/Winter TBR’s so here is mine! ..even though we’re already halfway through the season 😉

Assassin’s Apprentice / Robin Hobb (Re-Read)


I am finally going to restart the whole series & am so excited! It was my plan all along this year and now that I received ‘my’ version of Assassin’s Apprentice, I’m ready to go.

The Amber Spyglass / Philip Pullman

amber spyglass

Been on my list for a while. I want to read it soonish though, because that means one more trilogy finished and it’s a good feeling 🙂

Abaddon’s Gate / James S. A. Corey


After the ending of book 2, I almost immediately jumped back in. But I fear I will fall into a major reading slump if I binge the series. Cause it is SO damn good. So I will space it out. Nice to have something as great as this waiting. I read book 2 on holiday and enjoyed every second. Maybe I will read this on my next holiday? Only if we decide to go somewhere within the next 2 months though!

All Systems Red / Martha Wells

all systems

I’ve read so many great reviews over the last couple of weeks and saw it’s only a novella. Very good to squeeze in when I feel like something short. AND SciFi.

The Rage of Dragons / Evan Winter


Dragons, magic, fighting, a dude who decides to become the best sword fighter the world has ever seen? Count me in!

1Q84 Book 3 / Haruki Murakami


Another trilogy to finish. Murakami has been a good pick for me this year.

The Dragon Republic / R. F. Kuang

dragon republic

VERY excited for this sequel. And it sounds even better than the first. I might read this as soon as it’s published next month.

The Bitter Twins / Jen Williams

bitter twins.jpg

After The Ninth Rain was such an amazing read, I will definitely want to know how the story continues!

Jade City / Fonda Lee


I’ve seen lots of positive reviews and hear only good things about the characters.

Moving Pictures / Terry Pratchett

moving pictures

Whenever I feel like a Pratchett again. But no rush. I might reread for the next 20 years 😉


  1. Hooray Murderbot! Assassin’s Apprentice is on my TBR, but I have different covers. I don’t mind the ones I have, but I do see why you wanted to find the ones you knew and liked. They’re pretty. 🙂

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  2. That’s a great list of books, especially since it’s topped by Robin Hobb 😀
    I need to get on those Philip Pullman books too. Ugh! I keep forgetting.
    All Systems Red is so worth it and is a quick read too.

    Liked by 1 person

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