A Book Haul!

Yes! You are reading right! I purchased some real books over the last months. You know I’m not a huge fan of high TBR piles.. but I found this neat second hand bookstore & I rediscovered book depository!

Here’s what I got:


Neat little pile, hey?


I have since then finished re-reading The Name of the Wind. Here is my review. When I read it the first time shortly after it was published, I gave it 5 stars. Now it’s 4 stars. Interesting how this can change, right?


I’m still reading Norwegian Wood at the moment and I am honestly not sure anymore whether it’s a good read or not. I think I have to finish. I am confused about my feelings. I kinda enjoy reading it, but at the same time I also ask myself: What’s the point? This is all not very eventful, why am I reading about this dude’s pretty boring life?


The Summer Dragon was on my wishlist for years and years, but it was never available in my Kindle store and until recently there was only a hardcover version to order. Now they finally had the paperback and it’s mine! My best friend and I want to read it together at some point ❀


This is MY version of Assassin’s Apprentice by Robin Hobb. the one I owned, but sold. I don’t like the new versions, so I’m buying all the old used ones. This was from abe books.


I found Bag of Bones in a beautiful second hand shop. Every King I haven’t read yet is on my list. It’s always good to have one waiting when I feel like some horror and confused endings!


I plan to re-read ASOIF and could not find my old versions, that I also sold. Again, I didn’t like the new versions, but found this one in a store. They only had A Clash of Kings, but I will try to hunt down the other copies as well.


  1. Sounds like a fun book haul! I too know the pain of hunting down specific covers in used bookstores because they changed the cover.

    Also, “why am I reading about this dude’s pretty boring life?” can sum up a lot of the books I read in school and didn’t enjoy. Hopefully the Murakami will improve.

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  2. Ooh some great picks here. I love the cover of the Summer Dragon – I haven’t heard of it before so I’m intrigued to see what you think.

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  3. Hello! Those are a good selection of books! Norwegian Wood is truly good. Glad to have found this essay of book hauls, because I also blogged my September book loot from an online shop of book sale from Book Duke: https://kloydecaday.wordpress.com/2019/09/20/unwrapping-my-book-loot-from-book-duke/. I’d appreciate it if we continue talking about our books and TBR lists, and if you follow me because I’m just new here in WordPress. Thanks!


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