June 2019

I did not finish a single book.

I actually didn’t have a great time & it seems to be getting worse this month. Next to some annoying personal/family issues, we had a tree fall onto our fence, spent the last 2 days without electricity & water due to crazy storms and 2 days ago our chicken Abigail died suddenly. Now Chyna is our only remaining chicken and she seems lonely 😦

Walter is still a cone boy until Monday as he was desexed the other week. Poor boy! (But better for him as we don’t plan to breed him.. even though he’s gorgeous!!)


Once this good boy has best manners and 100% recall, he will get a sister! I am hoping for next year, but it depends on how we’re going. At the moment he’s a bit of a naughty boy when we’re not looking, but we’re working on it!

He does know a lot of commands though & is very clever. I am not too hard on him right now, cause he’s still recovering. Back to normal next week!

While I did not finish any books in June, I’ve almost finished my second this month.


I’m halfway through and even though the set up sounds pretty boring (a middle-aged guy remembering his uni days & the girls he met), it’s still very captivating! There’s something about the style of writing that pulls me in. And all the characters are so quirky! Apart from the main guy, who is kinda average.

..and actually, June wasn’t ALL bad!

I went to the New Japan Pro Wrestling show in Melbourne and met the one and only, Hiroshi Tanahashi!


HE WAS SO NICE AND I WAS RAMBLING! I told him my favourite matches of his, but the most important thing.. I FORGOT TO TELL HOW MUCH I LOVE HIS HAIR!! I gotta meet him again…. His English was good and he spelled my name the right way as well 😀

Have a lovely Summer or Winter, depending on where in the world you are 🙂


  1. Sorry to hear about the crap stuff that happened. I hope the rest of July is better for you.

    Ahhh, Hairyhashi, my old nemesis, we meet again! One day we will meet face to face and then the greatest battle mankind has ever known will commence. Humanity will be forced to decide once and for all, Team Hairy or Team Baldy! For There Can Be Only ONE!

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  2. I’m sorry June wasn’t too great for you, but hopefully July will be better! (Actually, it already sounds like it’s on the mend. I hope that continues!) Poor Abigail. And poor Chyna. Lonely hens are sad. Healing wishes to your good boy!

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  3. YOU MET HIM!! Can’t believe you forgot about the hair! Lol!! That’s plenty cool. 😀 I’m excited and I don’t even watch wrestling but it’s been great learning about Tanahashi and his hair through your blog. That’s really awesome!!

    Sorry to hear that June wasn’t great on the home end though. Hopefully things will get better.


  4. I’m so sorry to hear you had such a bad month (am just catching up on my reading now so I’m sorry this is a bit belated!). Hope things have improved in July for you.
    … And you met Tanahashi!! So cool!! 😀

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