Bali Impressions

Here are some pictures from my Bali holiday – nothing too fancy, we didn’t go sight-seeing this time, as we only wanted a relaxing resort holiday. Which we got!

Warning: Lots of cocktails!

Some pics from our hotel:

More Pool pics:

The beautiful beach:

I had an avocado iced coffee. Yup, it’s a thing here πŸ˜€ Wasn’t very nice though, could be done better. Maybe I will experiment at work:


Breakfast is the best, cause they have absolutely everything! I mixed it up all the time – sushi? Yup! Curry? Sure! Cheese & crackers? Always!


More food:

Some cocktails:

more cocktails:

I had the BEST Coconut Mojito ever on Bali. Still craving it now. I guess we have to go back eventually πŸ˜€


  1. Ooh wow! Having relaxing vacations is so worth it every now and then. I love to mix it up with some sightseeing, few days of running around and then few weeks just chillin by the pool or beach and eating something delicious.

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