May 2019

Hello friends! I hope you are all doing great!

I’ve had a wonderful holiday in the end of May and am now enjoying Australian winter. It started awful, with tons of rain, but now it’s actually really nice! Lots of sun and not really too cold.

I am digging this country life 😉

Unfortunately Walter got sick shortly after we came back home. He was vaccinated but must have picked up a new version of kennel cough at the resort he was staying. Can’t really help it, huh? Too many dogs in one place – it’s like kindergarten!

It wasn’t super bad though, and he was fine again after 5 days of antibiotics.

Poor sick doggo wasn’t quite himself for a couple of days 😦

…He’s a happy boy again though! And he found a new favourite spot – this is the leftover of the massive tree that we had cut down. He loves to sit on there and protect the property 😀 He chased off one fox already, I’m very proud ❤

I finished 4 books, which is pretty good for me. This year has been slow, but I guess I was lucky with my choices last month.

Here’s what I read:

1Q84. Part 2 / Haruki Murakami –> My review. Good book! Lovely writing, I’m digging all of the characters & it’s pulled me in. Will maybe finish the trilogy this month.

The Ninth Rain. the Winnowing Flame 1 / Jen Williams –> What a hit! I absolutely loved this book! It’s a captivating Fantasy with lots of innovative ideas, characters you can’t help but love and so many secrets & mysteries! World building is stunning as well, I need to get back to the trilogy soon!

Caliban’s War. The Expanse 2 / S. A. Corey –> I read this within 3 days on holiday and almost got the 3rd part straight after. But I’m gonna wait & space it out. This series is SO AWESOME! And that freaking ending, whaaaaaa! Never knew I’d be into Space Operas^^

Searching for Dragons. Enchanted Forest Chronicles 2 / Patricia C. Wrede –> I read most of this on the plane back from Bali. Not as adorable as the first, but still a lot of fun. I just wish we had more dragon action.

What I am currently reading:IMG20190530175244

The Name of the Wind. Kingkiller Chronicles 1 / Patrick Rothfuss –> Yes, it’s a ReRead and it was about time – there is so much I did not remember & I am enjoying it so much! Even though Kvothe seems more of an annoying smartass to me than last time. He’s still a likeable protagonist, but has his moments. I’ve read 471/722 pages so far.

What I want to read soon:

I want to finish 2 trilogies this winter – The Golden Compass & 1Q84. I only need to read both 3rd parts, so it should be fun! I wanted to finish more series before I started new ones, so this will feel good 🙂

Apart from that, I just gonna read what I feel like.

And considering, that the G1 is in July, I won’t get to read too much, I expect. It’s the best time for wrestling!

Anything else?

We started watching Good Omens, because of all the hype, but are only 1 episode in so far. It’s okay, but I expect it to get better soon!

Apart from NJPW, which is just getting better & better, I started watching AEW – the new US promotion established by Cody Rhodes, The Young Bucks & Kenny Omega. Everything I’ve seen so far, has been promising & I love the fact that they work together with so many other promotions! I just really hope they will work more closely together with NJPW in the future 🙂 But I’m very optimistic!

…Have I shown you Tanahashi in a rock band yet?


He can pull this look off and I won’t hear anything about a midlife crisis 😛 The others in this pic are fellow wrestlers Togi Makabe (left), Ryusuke Taguchi (front) and the president of NJPW, Harold Meij (middle, back).

For context: I hope I got this right, but I think this was an April Fool’s joke. They announced they will have a NJPW band & go touring. I would have totally bought tickets, just saying 🙂

Have a lovely summer or winter, guys! Depending on where in the world you are 🙂


  1. I never read the book Good Omens so have been hesitant to try the show. Plus, watching tv takes away from reading time 🙂

    Glad life is rolling along for you. Hope there are no big bumps in the road of life…

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  2. Poor sick doggo. So glad he’s feeling better again.

    Have a wonderful winter! We’ve spent most of this week in the high 90’s or 100’s (F) so I’m a bit jealous of your cooler (but not too cold) temps. But, I do like summer too. Hopefully it won’t all be as extreme a summer as we’ve had so far.

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