Top Ten Tuesday: Things that make me pick up a book


I’ll be concentrating on content only.


Any kind, preferably clever ones who can talk/communicate. I love the sassy dragons in Robin Hobb‘s books. Also cool are the menacing ones in A Song of Ice and Fire & the sweet ones like Temeraire or the dragon/s in Patricia C. Wrede‘s novels.


I like to read about mercenaries, cause they’re ‘dirty’ characters instead of plain shiny heroes. They have some good banter & are mostly pretty badass. More fun to read about. As long as they don’t feel sorry for themselves too much.

I love, love the mercenary companies in Steven Erikson’s Malazan Book of the Fallen & Bronn from ASOIAF is one of the best characters ever^^

Quest Fantasy

‘Go to ‘xy’ & find the holy hand grenade of antioch/ destroy the ring/ rescue that princess etc.’. Simple, but if done right, it’s an exciting journey! There was a time when I was tired of quests, but I found I’m into it again.

Animal companions

THERE’S NO BETTER BOND! Fitz & Nighteyes, Lyra & Pantalaimon, Sabriel and that adorable cat whose name I forgot… I always feel so strongly for them^^


I love me a good strong friendship between bros! Locke Lamora & Jean Tannen are a good example!

School settings

Magic school, combat school, any kind of school or university will do. That’s already the best start! Want some cool recs? Here, I did a post on it when I just started blogging.

Asian influence

Fantasy settings that have their roots in Asian history & use their myths/culture etc., are interesting to me at the moment. Just because I haven’t really read a lot.

Slow-burn romances

Nothing worse than insta-love. Build it up for a while. Even a couple of books if it’s a series. I like to be teased- it feels much better if/when it actually happens then.



  1. Great list! I love a slow burn romance and I’m aiming to read a lot more Asian-inspired fantasy this year. I feel like it’s been a while since I read a quest fantasy, but I loved those kind of stories when I was younger so I need to start seeking them out again.

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  2. Great list! Dragons, definitely dragons. And I’m with you on a good bromance πŸ™‚ With so much insta-love all over the place, it seems, a well-written slow-burn romance seems such a rarity these days.

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