Discworld Read Along

After Sir Terry Pratchett passed away a couple of years ago, I decided to start a chronological Re-Read of all of his Discworld novels. At this point, I had already read a lot of them, but it was a while ago & I was still reading them all in German. I decided to experience the Discworld again from the start & in English. (Even though the German translations are pretty good! But I prefer the original.)

So far I’ve re-read

The Colour of Magic

The Light Fantastic

Equal Rites



Wyrd Sisters

Guards! Guards!


(I’ve skipped ‘Pyramids’, because I don’t like it)

The next one in line will be Moving Pictures.

moving pictures.jpg

I will start writing a post about my progress every month & collect my favourite quotes over here.

Shout out to Nicole from Book-Wyrm-Knits who started an official Read Along this year & got me motivated to write more about my journey. Let’s do this together, yay! 🙂

Check out her monthly recap posts as well and maybe even join in?


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