Oh happy day!


Since the end of last week actually, but I was so busy catching up with everything & fell into the wrestling hole as well^^ It’s Wrestlemania weekend soon and even though I won’t watch the WWE events, there’s so much else going on and I’m excited for lots of events & matches! Follow me on twitter to hear ALL about it šŸ˜€ (and not much else…)

On another note – I’ve finished reading The Subtle Knife by Philip Pullman & cried my eyes out! I want to start The Amber Spyglass, but need a break before! Please don’t be so sad. No more bad things happening to daemons anymore please! I can’t deal with it šŸ˜€

Did anyone of you read The Wolf in the Whale by Jordanna Max Brodsky? I liked it but now that I’m about 64% in, I’m very confused and have major issues with it. Am I supposed to feel BAD for this rapist viking dude?

After this book, which is slow & also the Pullman, which was young adult I feel like something extremely action-packed, fight-centered & over the top. Might give When the Heavens Fall by Marc Turner a chance! It features necromancers & a book of the dead.


Anyone read this book yet?

Walter is doing great – he’s getting so big already! We’re in the third week of puppy school and will probably move on to obedience classes straight after!


That was his first time seeing the TV^^ He’s only allowed into the living room when he behaves and at the moment he’d rather chew on the couch than lie on his blankie. We’re working on it.

Before I end this – which one do you prefer? Phantom of the Opera-Ibushi or pouty Tanahashi plus his toy poodle?

It is not easy!!


  1. my goodness, this whole internet thing has been such a long process for you guys! Glad it is finally resolved and I hope you don’t have any issues for quite some time.

    Best of luck with wrestling šŸ™‚

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      1. Your first order of business is to write what you are interested in. Finish off a post that is about something you like.
        Then do a fun post.
        Then bang out your reviews and schedule them. But honestly, get them written and over with otherwise they’ll hang over you like something bad.

        That is about all the advice I can offer. I’ve been sitting on my own laurels watching all my scheduled posts go up and not writing new ones, so I’m not exactly a paragon of preparedness either šŸ™‚


  2. I loved Wolf in the Whale – but I think I also know which scene you’re talking about. The protagonist had a lot of conflicted feelings especially about Viking dude that didn’t sit right with me, but I think ultimately the book was about her need to work through them all.


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