SOS from the bush

..I did not plan to be inactive for so long, but I am currently ‘fighting’ with our new internet provider. There is a modem. There is a landline. But NO internet. It should have been activated last week, but nope. I don’t know how long and how often I’ve been on the phone with them and how often I actually wasn’t told ANYTHING.

I still don’t really know what the problem is/was. I know that the last dude I talked to in the morning had to cop it. I know it wasn’t his fault but I was so frustrated after no information. I know now that there was a problem and that our internet will be activated within 24 hours? I don’t really believe it, but what else can I do. I give them until Thursday. And maybe we have to look for something else after that..

The internet over my phone is not that good.. It’s only available in certain spots and I basically only check social media at the moment. I really need to blog some and catch up with all of you guys, but it will probably still be a while until I’m able to.

I’m writing this from work by the way.

Our house renovation is going pretty well! We’re done with living room & bedroom and next will be hallway & spare/hobby-room.

We also want to clean up some more outside. And get a dog asap. A big & scary one.

Unfortunately Buffy the duck is no longer with us. She met a fox and that was the end 😦 Goosey is very upset!

RIP Buffy!

There also were some spiders…

Hello, friend! (he was actually dead & all dried up!)

And the cats moved in! Meet El Desperado (Despy) and Hiromu! My beautiful barn cats. 10 months old now. They are very scared of people still but started taking treats & accepting some pats. They will probably never be cuddly, but we’d like them to be ‘working cats’ anyways. Would be cool if they won’t be as scared of us forever though.

2 more months in their room, then they will have access to the whole shed & outside as well.

We also met our neighbour and were told that a couple wombats live close by. We met one on the way to work this morning. Munching away on the side of the road. Very chill! I will try to get some pictures some time.

Even though I don’t have internet yet, I plan to prepare a couple of posts soon. And I am reading a neat book at the moment.

wolf in the whale

It has adorable wolf companions!! I am almost halfway through and enjoy it!

Let’s hope you see more of me again soon!!




  1. Oh, kitties ❤ Hope you make friends soon 🙂
    That freakin' spider is the stuff of nightmares if you ask me. I scream if i see one half the size of that monster 😀

    Sorry about the duck 😦

    Internet troubles are so annoying! I have the frequently but it always turns out my BF accidentally blocked me or something along those lines. Hehe.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. RIP poor Buffy. A dog will certainly help with that in future.

    I hope your internet woes get fixed soon! It’s no fun being unintentionally disconnected like that. (It’s an entirely different matter if you had wanted to unplug.)

    Liked by 1 person

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