My little farm


Finally, finally, FINALLY, we were able to grab the keys to our new property! We are not actually living there yet, as the house was in a really bad state. We’re doing basic renovations to make it livable now and are planning to move in next week. Fingers crossed!

Blogging is a pain right now, as our computer is packed up and I’m using our old laptop, which is super slow. I’ve ordered internet for our new place and it should be available towards the end of next week. We will hopefully be able to set everything up & it’s back to normal.

I spare you pictures of the house, it’s really not worth seeing right now! I’ve been cleaning & spraying spiders. This is my life now.


The outside is stunning, but also needs a lot of work. There’s tons of sheds, barns, stables.. Really handy, but we are concentrating on the house first. Small steps, or we will get pretty much overwhelmed.

It is what we wanted though. Quiet, in the bush, neighbours only in the distance & the view is everything!


The grass needs to get cut and there’s so much to sweep up. It’s gonna be a lifetime’s work!

We also have a couple of nice fruit trees and a massive water tank WITH a grey water system, which is what Mr. DZ wanted. Don’t ask me how it works.

This is our plum tree (which needs to get cut back)


We also now share our home with a 25year old male goose, whom we called ‘Goosey McGooseface’. He wasn’t quite sure what to do with us in the start, but as of now, he doesn’t mind us anymore. He’s the BEST guard as he now comes up, sits in the driveway and screams if something’s happening. He also hasn’t attacked us yet. He’s just patrolling the property! I never thought I’d have a guard-goose, but here we go.

We thought Goosey was the only animal left behind.. He wasn’t though! There was a tiny, dirty duck sitting in the shed in her box. She was filthy, scared and hadn’t seen clean water in ages. She had a little pool, but it was full of dirt and leaves and their drinking water was muddy. I’m glad they survived.

IMG_9122No one can be blamed for this, I’m sure the old owner loved his property & animals, but sometimes things happen that are out of our control. It IS neglected but you can see that a lot of love and care was put into it once. And we will restore it^^

Back to the duck… I checked with some of my duck expert friends and bought a new pool, cleaned up the water, left them enough food.. but she wouldn’t come out. So I grabbed her in the end and it turned out she was sitting on 7(!) eggs… Poor thing. She thought she was having 7 babies^^

I put her in the pool after and she absolutely loved it! When we came back a day later, she was up and about with her goose buddy and most importantly, she was able to clean herself! Now I hope she’ll be a happy little duck ❀ I called her ‘Buffy’.

I love having so many different animals! Next week we’re having a look at 2 rescue cats and hopefully we’ll be able to adopt them. They’d be living outside, but have access to all the sheds and barns. They were born on a farm so are used to it. Mr. DZ wants them to keep everything clean of rodents. I want to cuddle, but not sure whether THEY like it πŸ˜‰ We will see!. They will definitely get lots of love from us!

Country life is awesome!

….Oh, and I also watched a wrestling match, that featured a suitcase, a bowling ball and a pig’s head…

I hope you’re all doing great! Sorry I am not coming around to visit your blogs so much at the moment. I’m definitely trying to catch up and it WILL get back to normal eventually πŸ™‚


  1. Great post! But wasn’t expecting the wrestling at the end after the sweet, calm look at the new home with duck and the goose. I should have expected it though, lol. I think it’s sweet, the new house, can’t wait to see it all fixed up with all the animals, if you decide to share photos. πŸ™‚


  2. Awe! Buffy is so cute I hope she continues to thrive and everything goes well. The farm looks beautiful… not the spiders part they scare the hell out of me. Best of luck with everything!


  3. Wow, you have found a slice of paradise there. That view is amazing and I love that it came with a guard goose and sidekick duck. I’ve been chased by geese, I’m glad your dude is mellow.
    Good luck with the clean up and renovations. Happy spider hunting, kill them all. Cant wait to see the house if you decide to share pics πŸ™‚


  4. Sounds like a great place. Oh my gosh a guard goose. That is epic, and may I say it suits you. And aw that poor duck. I’m glad she survived and is doing better. ❀


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