Top Ten Tuesday: Ten Recent Additions to my wishlist


With the help of goodreads – here’s the list:

Crown of Feathers. Crown of Feathers 1 / Nicki Pau Preto


The cover is epic. Phoenix riders, okay? It’s almost as cool as dragon riders πŸ™‚

A Winter’s Promise. The Mirror Visitor 1 / Christelle Dabos


This sounds super interesting! The world is shattered into different islands and all of them are unique. The main character can travel through mirrors & talk to the soul of objects. I also read something about a scarf that likes to murder people? You got my attention!

Ship of Smoke and Steel. The Wells of Sorcery 1 / Django Wexler


The main character has to steal a ghost ship! Flintlock/pirate Fantasy?

The Thousand Names. The Shadow Campaign 1 / Django Wexler

the thousand names

It’s flintlock Fantasy and I need more.

Gates of Stone. Lord of the Islands 1 / Angus Macallan


Sounds like nice high Fantasy that follows the path of a prince, a princess & a sorcerer. Could be awesome^^

The Wolf in the Whale / Jordanna Max Brodsky

wolf in the whale

A shaman & a Viking go on a journey. I will probably read this one pretty soon!

The Brotherhood of the Wheel. Brotherhood of the Wheel 1 / R. S. Belcher


Urban Fantasy. I was really curious when I added it to my list, but lost all interest in Urban Fantasy for the moment^^ It will probably sit on my list for a while.

Shadowless / Randall McNally


Yeah, okay, it was the cover! About a boy who doesn’t have a shadow, which marks him as a half-god. Half-gods are hinted down and killed, but someone is putting together a resistance. I expect lots of fighting & action.

Rivers of London. Peter Grant 1 / Ben Aaronovitch


Recommended by a good friend. Also urban Fantasy, so not right now.

When the Heavens Fall / Marc Turner


There’s a book, that gives its owner power over the dead. It has been stolen by a necromancer who wants to resurrect some old race & challenge the Lord of Death. Death sends his most badass warriors after the book. And of course they are not the only ones who are after it. Hell yeah?!



  1. A lot of good stuff on this list! Books I’ve read and loved: The Thousand Names, The Wolf in the Whale, Rivers of London, The Brotherhood of the Wheel. Books I need to check out too: Ship of Smoke and Steel, Crown of Feathers, and Gates of Stone! πŸ˜€

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  2. Great list! Ship of Smoke and Steel sounds like something I need to check out, and I’d like to read A Winter’s Promise, too – I’m trying to read more translated fiction. Happy reading!

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  3. Ah, Rivers of London! It’s been on my TBR for a few years now, and I really do intend to read it! I’ve heard great things, so maybe this will finally be the year! I’d like to read A Winter’s Promise too. Wow, the cover for Crown of Feathers is gorgeous! I’d love to hear more about it, if you end up reading it. Great list!

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