Top Ten Tuesday: Books I’m looking forward to in 2019


I do the whole year!

The Winter of the Witch. Winternight Trilogy 3 / Katherine Arden


January 2019 –Β  on the HYPETRAIN!

The Kingdom of Copper. The Daevabad Trilogy 2 / S. A. Chakraborty


January 2019 – Cautiously excited. I had my problems with the first but in the end I was too invested and the positives outweighed the negatives.

The Sun’s Domain. The Hollow Gods 3 / Rebecca Levene

suns domain

February 2019 or who knows when 😦 –Β  The release date is constantly getting changed since 2017 I think. I really, really wanna know how it ends. If it doesn’t come soon, I’ll have to reread everything.

The Hanged Man. The Tarot Sequence 2 / K. D. Edwards


September 2019 – Let’s see whether it’s as good as the first. I only read 1 book by the author so far.

The Dragon Republic. The Poppy War 2 / R. F. Kuang

dragon republic.jpg

May 2019 – After I read the blurb I was convinced!

The Broken Heavens. Worldbreaker Saga 3 / Kameron Hurley

broken heavens

November 2019 – To conclude the trilogy. I gotta get it asap, so I won’t forget what happened in the previous book. Those novels are a bit complicated and have lots of characters. Sometimes 2 versions of one character. It’s really cool and different though.

Blood of Empire. Gods of Blood and Powder 3 / Brian McClellan

blood of empire

November 2019 – I did not know that it’s coming this year already. I am very hype!

Black Leopard, Red Wolf. the Dark Star Trilogy 1 / Marlon James

blacl leopard

February 2019 – I found it just now and liked how it sounds. Never heard of the author but will give him a chance for sure! It’s about a mercenary who is looking for a missing child. Had me at ‘mercenary’.

The Wolf in the Whale / Jordanna Max Brodsky

wolf in the whale

January 2019 – sounds like nice quest fantasy, about a shaman girl travelling an icy, Nordic world with a Viking companion. Hell yeah! Also, Norse Mythology!

Covenant. War of the Gods 3 / Jennifer Fallon


Maybe some time in 2019? But this is just me guessing, there’s nothing official yet. The author hasn’t announced anything yet as far as I know. I am very excited to get my hands on book 3, as the previous 2 were brilliant!

Anything Brandon Sanderson

The Winds of fucking Winter / GRRM

The freaking Thorn of Emberlain / Scott Lynch

The dumb Doors of Stone / Pat Rothfuss



  1. Without getting bitter like I usually do, I really doubt we’ll ever see the final Kingkiller book. Thankfully I’ve never been a GoT fan so Martin’s issues just make me laugh and deride all his fans with great mockings πŸ˜€

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I kinda expect it to NEVER get written now 😦
      Years & years of putting it on my list and then nothing. Shame, cause I loved the first 2 books very much!

      Ah well, there are more good books around and authors who actually COMMIT to a series when they start it^^

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  2. omgg I would DIE OF HAPPINESS if only hte next Locke Lamora book would be announced *wails* And this post also reminds me of all the fantasy books I need to hurry up and get to! Particularly The Poppy War and City of BrassπŸ˜‚ I’m glad the sequels look so good too! Here’s my TTT for this week!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’ve given up hope a while ago 😦
      And the sad thing is… I don’t even think I’m THAT interested in the Scott Lynch book anymore.
      I would still do a lot of things to get my hands on the last Kingkiller book though….

      Liked by 1 person

  3. ahahaha πŸ˜€ love the little list at the end…. feel the same way about George R.R. Martin and Rothfuss – it should be illegal to start writing spin-offs from your books before you actually bloody finish the book series proper…

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