Top Ten Tuesday: Best Books I read in 2018


In no particular order. And not including graphic novels.

Skyward / Brandon Sanderson

skyward 1

Nothing but love for this novel. It was a genre I normally don’t read very often and I was cautious. Blew my mind! Here is my review.

The Outsider / Stephen King


Whoa, what happened? Stephen King wrote a nice ending, everyone! This book was spooky and exciting and had interesting characters, I was very happy with it! My review.

The Poppy War / R. F. Kuang

poppy war

This one’s hard. I never wrote a review cause I don’t know where to start. I tried but it’s just not coming together. I enjoyed reading it a lot. It was a pageturner, beautifully written, with characters that are lively and you can root for or hate with a passion. Lots of grey characters as well. It’s super violent and TOO detailed in some places. Pretty depressing as well. I decided to read the sequel though, as I like what it’s about.

The Last Sun / K. D. Edwards

last sun

Oh, this one was FUN! I loved the world (urban-Fantasy kinda) and the characters & their banter. Reminded me a bit of Harry Dresden, but better and more on the Fantasy side. Can’t wait for the sequel! My review. In hindsight, I’d rate it higher than the 4 stars. Probably 4,5.

Sins of Empire / Brian McClellan

sins type5

It’s no surprise that I absolutely adore Brain McClellan’s writing. In 2018 he was added to my list of favourite authors πŸ™‚ Congratulations, Brian! It’s a big honour πŸ˜› My review.

The Autumn Republic / Brian McClellan


Great ending to an amazing trilogy! My review.

The Bear and the Nightingale / Katherine Arden

the bear

Another new author, another highlight for me in the start of 2018. I will be happy to read the third and last book of the trilogy in early 2019. My review.

Every Heart a Doorway / Seanan McGuire

every heart a doorway

My first book by Seanan McGuire but definitely not my last. My review.

The Crimson Campaign / Brian McClellan


And the third time Brian McClellan appears on this list! My review.

The Darling Buds of May / H. E. Bates


The last book of the year for me and one I never thought I’d read. Good choice though, it was delightful!


  1. Great list! Every Heart a Doorway is one I bought and still haven’t read. Glad you enjoyed it. Glad you enjoyed The Outsider too! I started it, but haven’t finished it. Happy reading in 2019!

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  2. I love Every Heart a Doorway, and am glad (again) that you liked it! I want to read The Bear and The Nightingale, so hopefully I like that one as much as you did. Happy New Year!

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