November 2018

I am back and I bring good news! Our offer for the property was accepted and we are moving in early next year if we get financed. We spent two days super nervous and on edge, while we were waiting for an answer.. In the end it was all good, but we can still not relax as we are waiting for the okay from the bank.. Fingers crossed we get it no later than next week! I want to start planning and packing boxes πŸ™‚ We also already found renters for our old house! Saves us a lot of time & trouble.

The new house would need a complete renovation though and Mr. DZ couldn’t be more excited to get started. We both would be happy to start tomorrow!

I also will be starting a second job on a farm I used to work at, when I was new to Australia. It’s very close to our new spot and I’ve been keen to go back there for a while now. It will be a nice change to my hospitality job and who knows – maybe I’ll work there full time one day.

I also tried to get in touch with an Alpaca farm & went on a search for Pyrenean mountain dog puppies!


vince happy.gif

…Now, books!

I read a lot in the start of the month and finished 2 books. Could have become one of my better months, but then I didn’t pick up a book until yesterday night. And it’s not even one I started. I felt like something really light and continued my Discworld ReRead with Guards! Guards!

I am sad I didn’t spend my weekends reading & blogging like I planned. But maybe I can still do that in December. We’ll see!

Here’s what I read:

The Traitor Baru Cormorant / Seth Dickinson –> finished! Pretty good story, even though it seemed like a bit all over the place sometimes. I liked the characters though and the tension throughout. I want to see where the story is going and would have bought book 2 on my Kindle, IF AMAZON AUSTRALIA HAD IT!

Skyward / Brandon Sanderson –> finished! Bloody amazing. My favourite book of the year! My review.

Guards! Guards! / Terry Pratchett –> 45%. I didn’t remember it being this funny. The ‘Watch’-books were never my favourites, but now that I am rereading.. maybe that’ll change? I do know, that I want to have a swamp dragon called Errol.

Wrath of Empire / Brian McClellan –>76/639. I am just at the start and am looking forward to enjoying the novel in December. Hopefully when I don’t have to worry anymore whether we have the house or not^^

1Q84 / Haruki Murakami –> 101/442. I am counting this as three separate books. Because it has over 1300 pages and is called a trilogy. I am pretty sure I will be able to finish the first one this year, but probably not the second and third. I did not know what it was about when I picked it up. I am super intrigued though. Both storylines are interesting, but I am more captivated by Tengo so far. No clue where this is going but I’m there for it!


That’s it. And I don’t have any big plans for the end of the year. I really want to read The Monster Baru Cormorant, but it’s not available yet for some bloody reason. The actual book is, but the Kindle version isn’t? (I read part 1 as an ebook so I need the sequel as an ebook as well)

monster baru

I went to 2 wrestling shows this month and finally met some of my favourites πŸ™‚ If you follow me on twitter, you know everything about it πŸ˜€

Talking about twitter… You might have noticed that I deleted the link to my profile on here. That is because it is NOT a book-twitter. It’s more of a personal life-but mostly wrestling-twitter^^. I finally found an outlet and people to chat with. Others who like NJPW and indie wrestling as much as me, and are just as crazy about it. I met lovely people on there and have to say that it was the best decision to join. Yeah, book tweeting didn’t work out. I mean, I have THIS BLOG for it. I don’t need an extra twitter.

Now I can post about Tanahashi’s new hairstyle & the Golden Lovers and basically live tweet shows. It’s so much fun! My blog was the wrong medium for it. I will still post Tanahashi hair and wrestling-related stuff here and there.. But not a lot.

..And if you want to follow me on twitter, just shoot me a message πŸ˜€ I occasionally post about books as well. Anything, really, that I want to talk about. It just happens to be 80% Wrestling related^^


I hope you all have a lovely December!

Here’s my crappy Christmas tree




      1. Yeah, anticipation, good or bad, can be so much more tension inducing than the actual event.

        and that is really great that you already have renters for your old place. I’m always a fan of people increasing their land wealth, as honestly, that’s about the only real wealth left in the world these days. Until the government takes it away from you πŸ˜‰

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      2. That’s actually the only thing we worry about… Maybe they’d rather have us sell the other house^^ But we really don’t want to, as it’s such a convenient spot & house prices here are only getting higher in the future.

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  1. I use my twitter to drive traffic to my blog. I don’t try to use my blog to drive traffic to my twitter. In part because my blog is what I care about most, in part because I talk about all sorts of stuff on twitter I avoid on the blog (e.g., I don’t talk about politics on the blog).

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