Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish merch I’d like to have


At first, here is some of what I DO have:


My beloved book bag & my Stephen King book cover-pillow. I’d love to buy more pillows in this style with books from my favourite authors & am always on the hunt for them. So far I couldn’t find any though.

Here’s what I would love to have:

More bookish pillows


Just look at those! Aren’t they neat? There’s some really amazing book pillows around and I’d love to own a lot of them! They do look very comfy as well 🙂

Arwen’s Evenstar

arwen's necklace

I’m not very much into jewelry, but if it’s from movies or books I adore, I can’t help it. I’ve wanted this necklace for ages!

Hermione’s Time Turner

time turner

I am not a fan of gold, but this I would wear!!

Bookish earrings


Those ones are especially awesome! I am just worried they’d be too heavy. I really love them though..

Some neat bookends


Like this one, for example. There’s a lot really pretty ones out there & I don’t own any yet.

Discworld Everything


Ummmmmm I JUST found this site while googling ‘Discworld merch’ and I NEED PLUSHIE GREEBO! (and everything else…..). If you want to keep your money, don’t klick on the link. If they have plushie luggage, I will SCREAM (and buy).

I also really like nice bookish quotes on mugs, posters & self-made bookmarks! I want to start making some on my own.


  1. Oh wow I love those book shaped pillows. And I have (cheap versions) of both the evenstar and the time turner- I wear them cos I’m so cool 😉 I love those bookish earrings and bookends. OH GOSH I LOVE THAT PLUSHIE GREEBO!! I love the stuff on the discworld website 😀 Fantastic list!

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  2. Book pillows sound neat.

    Mrs B has started going to a pottery place to make Christmas gifts. She’s the artsy one of us so she’s been doing themed cups/pasta bowls for all our various immediate relatives. Doing some book related stuff for ourselves, now that sounds like a good idea…

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  3. In March I went to one of the markets and when I mentioned that Anncatrins birthday was near, some friends gave me the Timeturner to give it to her at her birthday. So since then it is hanging around in our doorway greeting everyone who enters my apartment.

    Ich know that Brandon Sanderson merch is pure evil to me. Sadly my jackets zip broke recently and I didn’t have the time to fix it yet. But I want moooooore.

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