DNF Review: Salt Magic, Skin Magic by Lee Welch

Lord Thornby has been trapped on his father’s isolated Yorkshire estate for a year. Theresalt magic are no bars or chains; he simply can’t leave. His sanity is starting to fray.

When industrial magician John Blake arrives to investigate a case of witchcraft, he finds the peculiar, arrogant Thornby as alarming as he is attractive. John soon finds himself caught up in a dark fairytale, where all the rules of magic—and love—are changed.

To set Thornby free, both men must face life-changing truths—and John must accept that the brave, witty man who’s winning his heart may also be about to break it. Can they escape a web of magic that’s as perilous as love?

Abandoned at 45%. Sounds like much, but that book only has 200-something pages, so it’s actually not THAT much.

Too heavy on the romance. Way too heavy. The two main dudes were lusting after each other the moment they met and it does not take long for them to hook up for the first time. It’s too much. I like a good romance, but prefer the slow-burn and I want it to NOT be the center of attention. Seriously, those two couldn’t have a conversation without wanting to get their dicks out.

The main storyline is not that interesting either. The magic is vague and I wasn’t interested in any of the characters at all. No, thanks.

Wrong book for me.


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