Top Ten Tuesday: Longest Books I’ve read


I was sad I missed out on last week’s topic. But I don’t like this one’s so I just do it now. Here are the longest books I’ve read. Pages are according to goodreads, as I don’t own all of them anymore.

Dust of Dream / Steven Erikson –> 1280 pages

The Bonehunters / Steven Erikson –> 1231 pages

A Storm of Swords / GRRM –> 1177 pages

The Stand / Stephen King –> 1153 pages

A Dance with Dragons / GRRM –> 1125 pages

Words of Radiance / Brandon Sanderson –> 1087 pages

A Feast for Crows / GRRM –> 1061 pages

The Dark Tower / Stephen King –> 1050 pages

House of Chains / Steven Erikson –> 1021 pages

Kushiel’s Dart / Jacqueline Carey –> 1015 pages

I did not remember ‘Dust of Dreams’ being THIS long! But maybe because I had the Hardcover version and it wasn’t as big? Probably around 900?

So what do I learn from this?

I love big books!



  1. Und im Deutschen wird viel gesplittet und da fΓ€llt mir das dann erst Recht nicht auf πŸ˜€ Ich glaube die lΓ€ngsten BΓΌcher waren bei mir wohl Der Übergang, Der dunkle Turm und The Stand. Allerdings haben auch einige der Peter V Brett BΓΌcher ΓΌber 1000 Seiten und ein paar der deutschen Sanderson BΓΌcher wie Elantris sind ja auch bei 900. Und was lernen wir daraus? Ich liebe dicke BΓΌcher auch πŸ˜€ (bin immer verwundert wenn Leute BΓΌcher mit knapp 500 Seiten schon als WΓ€lzer betrachten ^^)

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    1. Hi! Yes, I’ve read the whole trilogy and liked it πŸ™‚ the first was definitely my favourite and I was pretty happy with the ending of the whole thing as well. Some parts could have been shorter, but all in all it was a fun read


  2. I love big books too. I just finished reading City of Heavenly Fire yesterday, which was 725 pages. It wouldn’t have even make my big books week. All the books that week were over 800 pages.

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