Top Three Thursday: Books I’m dropping off the Wishlist

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I’ve changed it from TBR to Wishlist, as that is more interesting in my case.

Here you go – 3 books I’ve recently dropped from my list:

The Fifth Season / N. K. Jemisin

fifth season

I’ve heard only really positive things, but after I tried a sample I have to say that it is not for me. The style of writing is so weird. It was a 2nd person pov and that just didn’t work for me at all. I am not sure whether it changes later on or stays like it, but it really turned me off. Bye bye book!

Rosemary & Rue / Seanan McGuire


I enjoy the author’s work so far and wanted to give it a try.. But I kinda lost interest in this series. I want to give ‘Indexing’ a try instead as that sounds better to me. I might come back here one day though. Who knows^^

Tempest and Slaughter / Tamora Pierce


I’ve enjoyed the author’s books and this one was a sure thing. Until I read a couple of reviews and it really doesn’t sound as awesome as I thought it would be.. Some things the reviewers mentioned didn’t sit right with me, so I will leave it be before I get annoyed.


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