Top Ten Tuesday: Books by Favourite Authors I haven’t read

hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl

Oathbringer / Brandon Sanderson


Working on it! Pretty sure I’ll have it read by the end of the year.

The Wilful Princess and the Piebald Prince / Robin Hobb


The only reason for me to not read it was the price. Super expensive for a novella. But I should be able to get a cheap Kindle version now. Will definitely still read it.

Soldier Son Trilogy / Robin Hobb

soldier son

A trilogy by Hobb with no ties to her Farseer universe. Something totally different. I’ve heard good & bad things but everyone seems to agree on the fact that the main character is horribly whiny and annoying. I am not interested in this trilogy at all and will probably never read it. Even though it’s Hobb and I shortly considered it in the past..

The Forge of Darkness / Steven Erikson


Ha! I can’t even finish my Reread of the Malazan Book of the Fallen. I don’t think I’ll ever get to this one. It will remain unread^^

Stuff by GRRM that is not ASOIAF

There’s only one book I care about.


A couple of Pratchetts


Mostly the newer ones. I stopped reading new Pratchetts after he passed away. I decided to do a Reread chronologically and will get there eventually. Won’t be any new stories published 😦

Rift Runners Series / Jennifer Fallon

dark divide

The only trilogy by Jennifer Fallon that I didn’t finish. I read the first book to give it a chance, but I feared I wouldn’t like it, because of the different dimensions & playing partly in our world. Not for me. I like her ‘pure’ Fantasy much, much more.

The Fifth Doll / Charlie N. Holmberg

fifth doll

I’ve read almost everything by Holmberg, but this book and her newest publication are still on my list. I’ll get there, but it’s not high priority (anymore), because I didn’t like her Plastic Magician very much.


  1. Erikson. Bleh. I’m working my way through Dust of Dreams and after this read through of the whole series, I’ve changed my mind about the series as a whole. It is a piece of bloated crap and if it weren’t for Esslemont actually writing books with some plot instead of hundreds of pages of whatever Erikson is writing, this series would be forgotten in about 25 years.

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      1. I blame it on being young and impressionable. We were innocent, naive and trusting.

        The thing is, I liked Gardens of the Moon even more the 3rd time I read it, but not ANY of the other books.

        I think your plan of stopping is a good one…

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  2. I need to read The Way of Kings by Sanderson. If I don’t like that then he is off my list :O (After a trilogy and 2 graphic novels I feel I can do this haha)
    I still have so much discworld and other Pratchett works to read. But I also don’t want to rush it because like you say, there aren’t going to be any new ones 😦

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  3. Sounds like a fun list! I’m not sure I’ll read any more Holmberg either, because I enjoyed but had issues with Paper Magician, and would kinda prefer to leave it now before I get annoyed at the world even more. I haven’t fully decided yet, though.

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  4. Ahahaha – that Winds of Winter meme is everything πŸ˜‰ I absolutely loved Terry Pratchett’s “Thud” – probably because it deals with darkness, and as a child I was terrified of the dark ( still am occasionally, if I’m honest)

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  5. Piebald Prince wrecked me lol. Fair warning.

    I tried Soldier’s Son on audio, but put it down because I hated the way it was performed (not to mention I was a little bored). I’ll take another crack at it eventually, but I’m in no hurry.

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