Trippy book covers

I love looking at books. I love pretty book covers. I love having them on display at home. But what I love even more is finding the weirdest covers possible and trying to understand what is actually going on! Here’s a couple (I haven’t read any of them^^):

Hothouse / Brian Aldiss


This was published in 1962 and is a Science-Fiction novel. It’s always SciFi with the weird covers. I am not sure if this is actually supposed to be a giant vagina on legs but it sure does resemble one.

The Worlds of Frank Herbert / Frank Herbert


Oh! It’s actually something familiar! I am not sure though – do the books feature walking tree heads? If so, I would maybe even consider picking them up again. I mean.. sandworms vs tree heads?!

Devil Soul / Victor Jay


I won’t even try to understand what is going on. But the lady seems to be dancing. And is this some kind of human centipede?

Strangers in Paradise / Christopher Anvil


Here we go. This cover leads me to the conclusion that this is a story about a giant were-tiger/cat humping a bubbly space ship while tiny humans try to shoot it. Nothing special here guys, move on!

Lord of Thunder / Andre Norton


Okay, there is a LOT going on here.

Publisher: Hey mate, what would you like us to put on your book cover? It’s Science-Fiction, so let’s make it funky! What about a neat plane or space ship and a dude throwing lightning? And maybe a majestic big bird……

Author: I want a cat.

(Is this even a cat? Might be an owl? Owl-cat?)

The Cineverse Cycle / Craig Shaw Gardner


Oh boy. I am honestly intrigued. And mostly because of the fluffy bunny. Since Monty Python we know that we can’t trust them. The fluffier they are, the more dangerous they get!!

Deus irae / Philip K. Dick & Roger Zelazny


The long people are here! As well as the mutated tiny ant people.

Just give in… / Kathleen O’Reilly


Gihihihihi, I just couldn’t stop giggling at this! This is so…. gah! I can’t put it into words, but jeez, look at it! The slime’s running off the screen right now! And there’s tons more similar to this! I am scared of Cowboy and Highlander books!

So what do you think? Which one’s your favourite? Which book cover wins the weird-award? And did anyone read any of them? I am super curious if that’s the case!


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