Working in a hotel

…was an interesting experience!

During my time at uni, I started working as a receptionist in a small hotel in the city. It only had about 40 rooms – most of them with 1 bed – and was visited by people on business trips. (As it wasn’t the perfect holiday destination anyways…..).

Started out doing a couple of afternoon shifts at the weekends and in the end I basically worked there full-time, doing morning, evening & afternoon shifts.

It’s the perfect job for students, as it means sitting behind the reception, taking bookings & doing a couple of small jobs. You were allowed to read & learn uni stuff there. As long as it didn’t affect your work. Our big boss even bought us a small TV screen ‘because he didn’t want us to get bored’! He was an absolute asshole apart from that, but yeah.. that was kinda cool^^ Fortunately he was too old to actually be there and only turned up sometimes. We were running this thing for him^^

It was a cool job.

Sometimes though, when we were low on staff, I did 2 shifts in a row. Sometimes I SLEPT in the hotel, so I could do night & morning shifts. Not sure that was even allowed back then.. But I couldn’t say no, as I was saving for Australia. I was pretty f**** up during that time.

Sometimes I felt like I was in a bad comedy movie. We had those guests.

  • There was Ms. ‘Collector’. A lady who had a deal with Big Boss and was allowed to live in the hotel. In a small room. No cooking corner. Basically just a BED AND A CHAIR. No one ever was allowed to go in there. Not even the cleaners. The lady was mostly coming out during the night. She had the horrible habit of suddenly standing directly behind you. She was also stealing newspapers. Once someone finally realized she was hoarding newspapers in her cupboard and her room got moldy, she got kicked out. I remember this one conversation with her, in which she came downstairs with a giant bag and said ‘I wonder how heavy that would be with a corpse inside’. We were all glad to see her go.
  • There was the ‘Blanket Guy’. This guy. Apart from chatting too much, he had an unnatural obsession with sleeping & blankets. He always needed 2 blankets and one blanket cover. He also asked me if it was okay if he crawled into the cover and closed it up. What a weirdo, I wonder whether he is still going there…
  • The underage boys & girls who book hotel rooms to hook up with their partners. We need an ID anyways and you are SO easy to spot!
  • The yucky cheap ones. We had a few rooms without a shower. It was about 30 bucks cheaper. People STAYED there for 5 nights.. And no, there were no showers anywhere else! The poor cleaners…


  • The ‘flirty’ ones. Mostly too old and bored on a business trip. I was asked out after my shift some times.


  • The drunks. The hotel was situated close to the ‘Party’-area of town and a lot of people wanted to book in late. We were instructed to not accept those. Didn’t keep them from trying to steal the carpet, our flowers and running in to give me a high 5 & leaving. One fellow peed against the Big Bosses’ car. That was funny.

And, of course, like a real hotel, we once had a problem with a mouse. Actually, it even turned out to be 2 mice! And one of them scared me once when I had a NIGHT SHIFT!


Some confessions:

  • I might have eaten too much hotel food. But hey… I was here anyways and I’m a student so I am poor, okay? Give me a break, I need to eat ๐Ÿ™‚
  • There was an incident where I MIGHT not have been physically able to answer the phone…. Because there was a GIANT SPIDER ON THE WALL NEXT TO IT!


  • I might have instructed my mom & my nan to call me over the hotel phone to chat.
  • I might have used the printer to print all of my uni documents. ‘Oh, I don’t know why we use so much paper??’

It is much more relaxed than my work in a cafe.


  1. Someone tried to steal a carpet? That’s actually really weird.
    Great post. Had to laugh my eyes out. But I remember you telling all the great stories. And I remember visiting you from time to time always bringing coffee from Starbucks ๐Ÿ˜€

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  2. Wow, this is a list of stuff that makes me really glad I’ll have time to forget it again before I stay in another hotel room. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ Wow. The things some people do when it’s not their house…

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  3. Lol at the drunks who just run in to give you a hi-5. Sounds like quite an interesting job. There’s a book called “Heads in Beds: A Reckless Memoir of Hotels, Hustles, and So-Called Hospitality” that I’ve always wanted to read. It might interest you since you worked in that industry…or it might not for the same reason.

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