Checking in again!

Oh wow.. It seems as if I blinked and half of August is already over! I feel like I can’t find time for anything at the moment. Next to work we have started house-hunting which also means getting our current home ready to rent out. It’s a slow process.. We might not even find anything for a LONG time. I do hope that our dream property will come up next week^^ But unfortunately that is not very likely.

I want to do more work in the garden. Plant more fruit & veg. Make it prettier. But then – do we move out in a month? Is it worth it to put so much effort into it? It’s annoying.

Yesterday I finally finished my first book this month. Dragonflight by Anne McCaffrey. I am not sold and don’t think that I will continue with the series. It had potential and there are a few things I liked. But not enough. And the style of writing was really ‘old’. A review will come up during the next days.

I am also still reading Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik and even though I like it, I am not in love with the story. This book is not pulling me in as much as Uprooted did. Maybe it’s the 3 different perspectives? I loved the start, but it’s slowed down a lot.

I am also kinda lost now, because the G1 Climax is over!! That was 4 weeks of wrestling, almost every night.. And even though I think that a break won’t be a bad thing, I miss it! It was SO MUCH FUN! In the end, Hiroshi Tanahashi, man with the best hair won against the most handsome, Kota Ibushi. I was happy about that final in general. But would have loved it to go the other way.


I hope you guys are all well! Sorry I haven’t read any of your posts the last week and a bit. I will catch up soon 🙂 Love me some blog-hopping!


  1. Good luck house hunting! It always seems to be the way that we fix the house up just the way we want it right before we move. Oh well.

    Dragonflight (and most of the early Pern series) is a favorite of mine, but I think that’s because I read it a long time ago when I wasn’t very aware of problematic issues in books. If I were to read it for the first time now, I don’t think I would like it as much.

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