DNF Review: Sheepfarmer’s Daughter by Elizabeth Moon

Refusing to marry a pig farmer and joindeeding the army even if it means never seeing her family again, Paksenarrion begins an adventure that enables her to restore an overthrown ruler.

Dnf at 39%. Well, that was a bummer. Zezee and I were expecting so much more from this book. And we even liked it at the start. It didn’t waste a lot of time with exposition, but Paks joins the army almost immediately.

I was happy to read about her training and making friends. Growing & developing.

Unfortunately nothing moves forward. I mean, they are moving, as in walking. Like, all the freaking time. But there’s no character development, no plot development. No character is interesting, no one gets any character traits at all. I couldn’t tell you anything about Paks, apart from the fact that she wants to be a soldier and is not interested in boys (or girls). Let’s not even start with the other characters. There’s one dude who doesn’t like Paks for whatever reason and a couple of fellow recruits and commanders. But they could honestly have been bags of potatoes or piles of stones. That’s how interesting they were.

There’s this super long part about Paks getting beaten up & almost raped including the fall-out of this and there’s just so much TALKING. I was bored. I wanted action. And then when we got action it wasn’t engaging at all.

There was a whole lot missing in this novel to make me intrigued. I am not sure if I want to read more by the author. Probably not.


      1. Ssshh don’t let her read that!! πŸ˜€

        Haha, nah, we both were interested in it & that’s why we decided to try it together πŸ™‚ we moved on to ‘Dragonflight’ by Anne McCaffrey now btw

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  1. Lol! Lol! I saw that! πŸ˜€
    But yea, I’m marking this as a DNF too. The only action in it was for a few sentences before she got injured and the rest of it was all talk about what happened. You were spot on in your post.

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