A Rage Post

So I went into Melbourne with a friend yesterday and bought this lovely book:


I’ve been looking forward to it for a while and wanted to get the paperback as I really love the cover. 80% of the books I get are Kindle versions. But this one I wanted to have on my shelf.

The first thing I wanted to do once I got home was to take off the price sticker at the back. Because that’s what I always do. ALWAYS. I mean, who wants a giant white sticker at the back of their pretty book? I don’t! And I don’t want to be reminded, that I just paid $30 for it.

So I started peeling it off. It was a little harder than normal, so I was more careful. Once I thought I got it I started ripping it off. Well…. THIS is what happened:



This is UNACCEPTABLE! An outrage! How can you put a freaking sticker on the book like that? There was NO chance in hell I would have been able to NOT ruin the book.


Every time I look at it, I get upset! I’ll be grumpy reading that book.


    1. Well… clever me didn’t take a receipt.. And I also don’t go to the city that often. I won’t buy books at that place again, that’s for sure. I learned from that. And will always take the receipt from now on.


  1. Oh boy, rage away!!!!!!!!!!! On a new book, that is completely wrong. That is actually one of the reasons I stopped buying used books on Amazon because they always came with stickers splashed across and I didn’t want that. But after doing what you did a couple of times, I just gave up.

    My sympathies!

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  2. I saw ‘A Rage Post’ and a picture of Spinning Silver and thought ‘OH NO SHE HATED IT’ and got sad because I’m also currently reading it and am loving it….


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  3. Oh no! It literally hurts to look at that photo of the damaged book. I agree with some of the commenters before me, see if you can bring the book back for a return. I also hate it when retailers slap all kinds of stickers onto a book. Sometimes careful application of Windex will take care of it…but it’s still super risky.

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    1. I am upset at myself as well, because I could have looked up some ways to get it off easier.. But then.. they shouldn’t put us in the situation in the first place 😀 There’s stickers that come off super easy


  4. Oh, das ist soooo ärgerlich! Wenn du das nächste Mal so einen Aufkleber auf einem Buch hast und solltest du Feuerzeugbenzin im Haus haben, dann bedeck den Aufkleber mit Benzin, lass das Ganze etwas einziehen und du kannst den Aufkleber problemlos runternehmen. Wenn das Benzin vollständig verdunstet ist, kannst du mit einem feuchten Lappen mit ein bisschen Spülmittel das Cover abreiben, um die letzten Benzinrückstände zu entfernen. Alter Buchhändlertrick, wenn mal wieder Aktionsaufkleber entfernt werden müssen, weil die Aktion vorbei (und der Aufkleber potthässlich) ist. 😉

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  5. *gasp*
    That is awful! I’d complain so hard! Well, not in person, i mean after this i would just write to their (bookstore’s) head office with these photos. This is totally unacceptable.

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    1. Complaining online definitely helped me with my RAGE 😀
      I will definitely not buy there anymore. Maybe I should send them the pics…. Probably won’t change anything but maybe someone will be more careful with the stickers next time

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      1. Oh, you never know! The amount of times about i complained about various stuff… actually got some nice things out of it.
        Like once, i emailed the manufacturer of a peanut bar cuz the ones i bought were dry and and brittle, and i asked them if they changed their recipe or something cuz it was barely edible. They said they didn’t and most likely the retailer didn’t store it correctly, and just to prove, they sent me 18 bars as a gift ❤
        So you might get a small voucher or something as a compensation?

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  6. Barbaric… they should replace the book with no cost. I remember when most bookshops had price stickers glued so strongly, I hated that as I always try to remove them from books I buy…

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  7. I love that we’re all here getting mad about the same thing! Not that this is not absolutely the worst thing – stickers on books?! like, who the heck puts stickers on books??!!!! – but I’m still feeling a bit warm and fuzzy that so many people are angry about it. Yay for book-lovers!! Boo for the stickers of stickers on book!!!

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  8. I used a steamer to loosen price stickers. Usually works. The used books I get has a sticker on the spine and sometimes it doesn’t work as well then (maybe due to the texture as it’s a creased spine?)

    Remaining adhesive you might be able to remove when warm and using something like a credit card. Possibly isopropyl alcohol.

    Also, regular heat might work as mentioned. I’ve used a heat gun on automotive decals so I’d think it would work on a. Book.

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