This week in Wrestling: G1 Edition

So during most of July and August the biggest tournament in New Japan pro Wrestling takes place. It is called G1 and features 20 wrestlers competing against each other in Block A and Block B (10 each). The winners of each blog face each other in the final. The winner of the final gets a guaranteed title shot against the IWGP champion at WrestleKingdom in January.

This will be my first time watching this tournament and I am SUPER excited. What I didn’t expect is, that my 2 favourite wrestlers Kenny Omega and Kota Ibushi have to face each other, as they are both in Block B! This will be their first match since 2012. In the same arena in which they had their last match and Ibushi got banned because he did a moonsault off a balcony. This ban has now been lifted…


They are still a tag team, even though Kenny is the champ now… And I could see them having matches at some point. I just was NOT ready for it yet! I hope they will have a friendly bout and no one dies. Please don’t pull crazy stunts like from your last match.

I hope they realize they don’t want want to fight each other, hug it out and it ends in a draw.

Here are the different Blocks:


That is pretty impressive already! I don’t know how the G1 works, whether there are lots of surprises or how it played out in the past, but of course I’d put my money on Okada. He just lost his title and is pretty upset^^

Jay White might surprise some. He hasn’t been around a long time, but already is the US Champ and although he is a member of CHAOS (which also includes Okada^^), he’s been a bit of an emo goth loner. His match against Okada will definitely be interesting.

Tanahashi would be my 2nd pick as he’s the Ace and his hair is beautiful.

My heart wants Minoru Suzuki to win though. It makes me happy to watch him beat up people. Sorrynotsorry.

I don’t know who thought that Yoshi-Hashi should be in this tournament???

EVIL looks lost without his tag team partner Sanada, but I am looking forward to seeing him as a singles guy. I like EVIL, he sometimes wears laser gloves to the ring and gets an A for effort for his outfit.

Pleasant surprise to see Hangman. He’s kinda still a rookie, but they must really like him, as he was given main event spots before. Now he can show that he belongs there.

Makabe, I haven’t really seen a lot of him, so I don’t have an opinion.

Fale.. He’s great as the ‘big guy’ and I heard he lost a lot of weight recently. Should be in for some good matches. Although I never forgive him for what he did to Daryl.


Elgin. Eh. No.

Block B:


Straight up murder Block. If Suzuki had been added to it, it would have exploded. But it is bad enough like that already. I hope no one gets seriously hurt.

Again, if i had to put money on it, I’d pick Naito as the winner. He just lost a title against Jericho, but he’s still super popular and from what I’ve heard, lots of people were convinced he’d win the title at last WrestleKingdom. But he didn’t. Hasn’t had a title match since then, so maybe they are setting him up to win it next year?

It will be interesting to see him face off against his mate Sanada. Both are part of the group ‘Los Ingobernables de Japon’ so there’s probably some drama happening there.

I am a really big fan of Sanada though and wish him all the best. I wouldn’t be mad if he wins, but don’t think there’s a chance.. he’ll score some big wins though. Hopefully against Naito.

Zack Sabre Jr. will do well. I can see him finishing close to the top of the list, but not winning. I wonder whether he’ll cheat some and/or get help by his Suzuki-gun pals.

Juice Robinson! I am just happy to see him, yay!

Toru Yano is the guy with the colourful pants who always waves around his DVDs. Sorry, I am still a newbie, I don’t really know what’s up with those, but I think he’s very funny so hopefully we can see some funny matches to distract from people probably almost dying otherwise. I don’t think he’ll win too much.

Tama Tonga.. really not sure what’s with him. I couldn’t tell. It’s gonna be interesting to see how the recent Bullet Club drama plays into it. I am looking forward to his match with Kenny.

Ishii.. I love watching his matches, cause he’s such a brawler. He’s super stiff and just beats the hell out of everyone. He seems to be very popular with the audience, so maybe that’ll help him pocket some wins.

Hirooki Goto I’d put in the group with the last 3 of probably not likely to win, but having great matches with everyone. I don’t really know enough about him and haven’t seen him in action a lot.

My heart wants Ibushi to win. Even before Kenny. Kenny is already the champ, he doesn’t need the win. Ibushi hasn’t held major titles yet.. Mainly due to the fact that he doesn’t want to sign with anyone and rather stays freelancer. But I just hope, he secretly signed a deal with NJPW and they will give him all the titles! He definitely deserves it. He’s the complete package and can do everything in the ring. Apparently everyone loves to work with him as well.

Seeing that the Ibushi vs Kenny match main events the last day, I can see them being head-to-head and both needing a win to end up on top of the ladder… Just for them to draw and Naito to take the win.

It’s gonna be a wild ride! But please no more crazy stuff like this:


I am very much looking forward to watching all the matches! especially now, since they will all have English commentary on njpw world 🙂


  1. I was wondering: Do you know the Eva-Wylie-Books of Liza Cody (the first one is “Bucket nut” = “Was sie nicht umbringt”). I haven’t read these books but “stumbled” over Liza Cody recently; I’m thinking about reading her “Lady Bag”.

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