This week in Wrestling: We went to a live event!

Mr. DZ and I went to a wrestling event last Friday! It was insane – it was only a 15 minute drive away from where we live and some of the greatest wrestlers were there! I am still amazed…

We will definitely go back there, as the venue was awesome, everyone was hype, the atmosphere was great and the matches were all so much fun!

We had ringside seats for the first time, which made it even better. We both agreed, that we’d like to book those again in the future. Seeing everyone so freaking close was crazy. I even got some high fives and fist bumps^^

Front row seats for us!

I was most excited to see the one and only famous dick wrestler, the ‘King of Dong Style’, Joey Ryan and I sure did enjoy his match! Joey tagged together with Concrete Davidson (Their tag team: The Concrete Dongs) against Madison Eagles and Mick Moretti. Not only was it great to see a mixed tag match, but Madison Eagles is great! I loved her look, her style and the fact that she can give as good as she can take. Also, no one was treating her any different for being a woman. It wasn’t even a thing, that she, as a woman, was competing with 3 other dudes. Loved it! Moretti I’ve already seen at the NJPW event early this year and he’s weird, but hilarious!

Joey Ryan doing his thing
Joey Ryan being sexy 😀
Joey Ryan using the superpowers of his dick to punish his opponent

Yup, it was great!

Apart from that, we also got to see Marty Scurll and Hangman Page in action. Two of my favourite wrestlers, as I often watch their work in Japan or on ‘Being the Elite’ on youtube. Both their matches were great – I was surprised at how bad Marty’s swearing actually is 😀 But they can both work a crowd and it was fun!

Poor Marty in a submission hold. Robbie Eagles was pretty awesome as well!

I was surprised about how much I liked Zack Sabre Jr. and his match with Slex. I am normally not a big fan of watching him, but this was probably my favourite match of the night! Super stiff, so many crazy chops and lots of variation. I might still become a fan.

Zack working on his opponent Slex

The craziest match was Abyss vs Jimmy Havoc. I’ve watched Abyss before, in TNA, but that was my first time seeing Jimmy Havoc. I am a fan now.

Jimmy Havoc and Abyss in their Monster’s Ball match

Their’s was a hardcore match, so it featured chairs, tables, kendo sticks, thumbtacks, a stop sign, a staple gun, a pizza cutter and some lemons. Yes, all of those things were used. And Jimmy Havoc is not wearing shoes in the pic above, because he went feet first into a pile of thumbtacks. And after that, for good measure, he got thrown onto them on his back as well. This guy can take some punishment. He went through a table on the outside of the ring as well.

Abyss setting up the table

Mr. DZ was super happy to see Abyss, as he’s been a fan since his early TNA days.

I tried to get a good pic of Jimmy Havoc’s entrance, but unfortunately they ended up being blurry.. Here’s his full outfit:

by Pro Wrestling wiki



We also saw a title change hand in a great triple threat between Austin Aries, John Morrison and Brian Cage. Damn, Brian Cage looks jacked^^

Brian Cage vs John Morrison

All in all, we had a lot of fun and it was totally worth the money. We will check out more shows in the future for sure.



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