A Collection of Flintlock (Fantasy) novels you should check out :)

This is a follow up to my post from last week, where I asked about recommendations from the genre of Flintlock Fantasy.

You guys were awesome and named some really cool books! So for everyone who – like me – is looking to read some more Flintlock Fantasy —> Here is the (almost) complete collection! I’ve embedded links to amazon if you are keen to know more about the books.

The Powder Mage Trilogy / Brian McClellan

Excellent military fantasy that features a lot of battles, guns, magic, awesomeness and has the best characters, you can all look forward to. Very gritty as well! I’ve read them all and can only recommend them to fans of good Fantasy. (Promise of Blood)

Gods of Blood and Powder / Brian McClellan

This is going to be a trilogy as well and it takes place some 10 years after the events in The Powder Mage Trilogy. 2 books are published so far and I’ve read the first. It’s still bloody amazing! (link)

Several Powder Mage short stories / Brian McClellan

As a bonus, and if you like the books as much as I do, you can read the several short stories taking place in the same world. I recommend the Powder Mage Novella Collection, that features 4 short stories which all take place before the first trilogy. It helps you get to know the characters, world and magic and makes reading it so much more fun! There’s also the collection In the Field Marshal’s Shadow and The Mad Lancers, which gives you some information on Ben Styke, a main character in the second trilogy.

The Shadow Campaign / Django Wexler

the thousand names

In the desert colony of Khandar, a dark and mysterious magic, hidden for centuries, is about to emerge from darkness.

Marcus d’Ivoire, senior captain of the Vordanai Colonials, is resigned to serving out his days in a sleepy, remote outpost, when a rebellion leaves him in charge of a demoralised force in a broken down fortress.

Winter Ihernglass, fleeing her past and masquerading as a man, just wants to go unnoticed. Finding herself promoted to a command, she must rise to the challenge and fight impossible odds to survive.

Their fates rest in the hands of an enigmatic new Colonel, sent to restore order while following his own mysterious agenda into the realm of the supernatural. (link)

I have not read this series, but it’s on my list! The Shadow Campaign consists of 5 novels, The Thousand Names, The Shadow Throne, The Price of Valour, The Guns of EmpireΒ and The Infernal Batallion. From what I’ve read, this series is concluded and there are no more books coming.

Wax & Wayne series / Brandon Sanderson

Currently consisting of The Alloy of Law, Shadows of Self and The Bands of Mourning. Follow up to the amazing Mistborn Trilogy, this series takes place many years later in a different period of time. The world has evolved, people are now using guns and there’s some cars driving around as well, from what I remember πŸ˜‰

There’s another book coming!

Guns of the Dawn / Adrian Tchaikovsky


The first casualty of war is truth….

First, Denland’s revolutionaries assassinated their king, launching a wave of bloodshed after generations of peace. Next they clashed with Lascanne, their royalist neighbour, pitching war machines against warlocks in a fiercely fought conflict.

Genteel Emily Marshwic watched as the hostilities stole her family’s young men. But then came the call for yet more Lascanne soldiers in a ravaged kingdom with none left to give. Emily must join the ranks of conscripted women and march towards the front lines.

With barely enough training to hold a musket, Emily braves the savage reality of warfare. But she begins to doubt her country’s cause, and those doubts become critical. For her choices will determine her own future and that of two nations locked in battle. (link)

This is a stand alone, that was recommended by a lot of people. It sounds pretty cool to me, I will definitely give it a try.

The Aeronaut’s Windlass / Jim Butcher


If you like airships, cool airship pilots and airship battles, this might be for you. Also, it has a talking cat, as a extra Bonus. It is Steampunk as well as Flintlock I’d say, so you get something from both worlds. Personally, I didn’t like the book, but I thought to highlight it anyways, as it fits the category and seems to be very popular.

It is book 1 of the Cinder Spires Series and so far, the only one that’s published. I couldn’t find any information of when the second book is due.

Temeraire / Naomi Novik


This is a perfect combination. Flintlock meets dragons! It’s an alternate history Fantasy series that takes place during the Napoleonic Wars and features sea battles, air battles and of course Temeraire being the most adorable and genuinely nice dragon of all time.

There are currently 9 books in this series and I think (I only read the first, so correct me if I’m wrong) you can see them all as stand alones as well. It seems like the series is concluded.. For now. (Book 1)

Raven’s Mark / Ed McDonald


Post-apocalyptic Fantasy featuring a bounty hunter and some kind of horrible machine/engine. Sounds really dark & gritty. So far the series consists of Blackwing only, with the next part, Ravencry being released in 2 months.

Quintessence / David Walton


Imagine an Age of Exploration full of alchemy, human dissection, sea monsters, betrayal, torture, religious controversy, and magic. In Europe, the magic is thin, but at the edge of the world, where the stars reach down close to the Earth, wonders abound. This drives the bravest explorers to the alluring Western Ocean. Christopher Sinclair is an alchemist who cares only about one thing: quintessence, a substance he believes will grant magical powers and immortality. And he has a ship. (link)

I really like the cover! This series so far consists of Quintessence and Quintessence Sky. Seems to have everything you want and more in a good Flintlock novel! This series was recommended by H.P. from Every Day Should be Tuesday.

The Malorum Gates / Stina Leicht

cold iron

Prince Nels is the scholarly runt of the ancient Kainen royal family of Eledore, disregarded as flawed by the king and many others. Only Suvi, his fraternal twin sister, supports him. When Nels is ambushed by an Acrasian scouting party, he does the forbidden for a member of the ruling family: He picks up a fallen sword and defends himself.

Disowned and dismissed to the military, Nels establishes himself as a leader as Eledore begins to shatter under the attack of the Acrasians, who the Kainen had previously dismissed as barbarians. But Nels knows differently, and with the aid of Suvi, who has allied with pirates, he mounts a military offensive with sword, canon, and what little magic is left in the world. (link)

Described as ‘Flintlock Epic Fantasy’. There are two books published in the series so far. Cold Iron and Blackthorne.

Gedlund: A Tale of The Verin Empire / William Ray


For this I’d like to quote Off The TBR, who recommended this book:

‘Gedlund is blackpowder fantasy with goblins, vampire lords, and giants, with a little magic thrown in.’

Sounds like a wild ride! Have a closer look here. There’s also a second book called The Great Restoration.

Tales of the Ketty Jay / Chris Wooding

ketty jay

Sky piracy is a bit out of Darian Frey’s league. Fate has not been kind to the captain of the airship Ketty Jayβ€”or his motley crew. They are all running from something. Crake is a daemonist in hiding, traveling with an armored golem and burdened by guilt. Jez is the new navigator, desperate to keep her secret from the rest of the crew. Malvery is a disgraced doctor, drinking himself to death. So when an opportunity arises to steal a chest of gems from a vulnerable airship, Frey can’t pass it up. It’s an easy takeβ€”and the payoff will finally make him a rich man.

But when the attack goes horribly wrong, Frey suddenly finds himself the most wanted man in Vardia, trailed by bounty hunters, the elite Century Knights, and the dread queen of the skies, Trinica Dracken. Frey realizes that they’ve been set up to take a fall but doesn’t know the endgame. And the ultimate answer for captain and crew may lie in the legendary hidden pirate town of Retribution Falls. That’s if they can get there without getting blown out of the sky. (link)

Recommended by Bookforager. This actually sounds like my kind of book! It’s a bit of everything, a mercenary group on an airship, guns, magic, bounty hunters, golems. Woohoo! The series consists of 4 books.

The Draconis Memoria / Anthony Ryan

waking fire

‘Flintlock + steampunk + dragons.’

says The Obsessive Bookseller πŸ˜‰ And that is all you need to know.

The Waking Fire is part one of the series, followed by The Legion and Flame and soon to be published (in like a week or so^^) The Empire of Ashes.

As a Bonus, here you have other (Fantasy) books that have Flintlock characteristics:

The Gods Fragments / Tom Lloyd (Cool mage guns, mercenaries and excellent banter!)

Perdido Street Station / China Mieville

City of Stairs / Robert Jackson Bennet

The Guns Above / Robyn Bennis (Airships! And the first female airship captain)

Sharpe series / Bernard Cornwell (no Fantasy, but historical fiction and more guns than you can count^^)

I am happy to update this post from time to time, so please keep the recs coming πŸ™‚ Thanks again to everyone who left a comment under my previous post!


  1. I saw this post when it went live and absolutely loved it – I was in the middle of reading Promise of Blood and so it couldn’t have come at a better time. I think it was so cool to ask for recs and then combine them all. πŸ˜€

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