Last week in Wrestling

So last weekend was New Japan Pro Wrestling’s second biggest event, Dominion, and let me tell you, it WAS AMAZING!

But let’s mention the really important things first. Hiroshi Tanahashi’s hair was on point again!


…He definitely has the best anime hair in NJPW. The only other one to come close is probably Sanada.


My favourite outfit this time though was the one Chris Jericho was wearing. Inspired by ‘A Clockwork Orange’. Jericho in NJPW is so entertaining! He doesn’t have any restrictions, like he has in WWE and can go all out. You can tell that he enjoys it a lot. Naito was looking pretty fancy as well, all in a white suit & wearing a cool mask^^ I like how they dress up for the big events.

Lots of titles changed hands, the matches were great, the story-telling was even better. And Kenny Omega is now the new IWGP Heavyweight Champion. In his 4th match with Kazuchika Okada he did it. The match lasted over an hour and was a 2 out of 3 falls. I was on the edge of my seat for the whole thing, it was THAT good.

Here is his entrance video, which is SUPER cheesy and adorable. And apparently it is based on the new Avengers movie in some parts? I wouldn’t know as I haven’t seen it..

Such a great start!

There’s been lots of talk before the match about Kota Ibushi, who still is Kenny’s tag team partner. Kenny asked him to be at ring side for support, and lots of people were expecting him to interfere in some way and maybe even cost Kenny the match… Just like what Kenny did to him back in 2015.

But NO, it didn’t happen! Kota was being an adorable supportive boyfriend and there were no shenanigans and no interference by anyone. No Cody, no Bullet Club, just the match. It would have tarnished the outcome and the match itself.

The match itself… I can’t believe they really went for over an hour. And it didn’t even feel like it. There were so many great spots, call-backs to their previous matches, so many emotions involved – I love long-term story-telling in professional wrestling and this was exactly it.

You don’t get that in WWE anymore. Apart from the Dean Ambrose/Seth Rollins story…

So now after years of trying, after leaving his partner behind, becoming the leader of the Bullet Club & turning heel, Kenny finally won the title. As a face. With his partner & best friends back by his side. Isn’t that wholesome? (Seriously, someone should turn the story of those 2 into an anime.. ‘Yuri on Ice’ got nothing on it!)

I do hope that they never start a rivalry again. I want them to have matches in the future, especially since I think that Ibushi should be the champ too at some point.. But I want it to be friendly competition and no more drama & heartbreak, please πŸ˜€

I am already looking forward to the next NJPW events this weekend, that will feature a match for the IWGP Junior heavyweight Title, which my boy Hiromu is holding, after he won it at Dominion. This is so much anime as well! I think that’s why I like it so much^^


And now, WWE…

We haven’t watched it in 2 weeks, cause it’s kinda unbearable at the moment. Same matches over and over, lazy writing, no real story-lines, no surprises, awkward promo segments, like this..?


Awkwardly standing on ladders and throwing around catchphrases? Ugh… We watched half of this segment and decided we didn’t want any more. It’s a shame, because they have so many great performers. But hardly use anyone the right way or let them show what they can really do.

Bobby Roode used to be so cocky and interesting. Now he is a goofy, smiling & dancing guy… And Finn Balor does NOT STOP SMILING ANYMORE! What happened to the Demon King? 😦


I can’t believe how Smackdown & Raw can be so bland, while NXT is so good. It’s funny. NXT is supposed to be developmental, where you get ready for the big shows Raw & Smackdown. But it actually looks like everyone is reaching their peak in NXT and becoming just as boring as anyone else on the main roster. I never want Johnny Gargano to be called up. Stay in NXT forever or go to Japan πŸ˜‰


    1. It’s pretty frustrating, cause it was so much better just 2 years ago and even last year in the start. I don’t know what happened. They probably have too much money now and don’t care about what the fans want.

      While the indies and even Njpw still have to prove themselves to get people on board. And they got me for sure! πŸ™‚

      I am just feeling sad for all the talent.. having to do those crappy promos that others write for them, having boring matches and ‘phoning it in’ and not being able to create good storylines 😦


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