Wrestling Top 5: Favourite Tag Teams

And another wrestling post. Haven’t done a list in a while, so here you go!

The Hardy Boyz

They started in the 90s and are still doing it nowadays. There are only a few wrestlers who stay relevant for that long and they definitely belong in this category. They never got stale, and especially Matt Hardy did an amazing job re-inventing his character. Jeff was always one of my all-time favourites and I can’t believe he’s still jumping off ladders today! They are both very successful as singles wrestlers, but most successful as a team and they always kinda get back together. At the moment, Jeff is having a singles run and Matt is tagging with someone else.. But they BOTH hold titles!

Dean Ambrose & Seth Rollins

Wrestling soul mates. Whether together or against each other, they are the best when they can work with each other. I loved their short run as a team last year and hope they can pick up again, when Dean comes back from injury. I am not naming the shield here, because when they did that, it was all about Roman Reigns. He should stay away and do his own thing.

What makes them so good as a team – apart from the fact that they are great athletes – is that they have SO MUCH history together. Started out together in developmental, then debuted on the main roster as a team, broke up due to betrayal, had an awesome feud, reunited again. Wrestling is best, when it comes with great storylines. Both are really good promos (=they talk/act well) as well, which helps. I even think Dean is THE best promo in WWE.

Golden Lovers (Kenny Omega & Kota Ibushi)

Talking about history… I would need a whole new post to talk about the history of those 2 guys, but it’s been going since 2008, when Kenny came to Japan to challenge Ibushi. He never looked back, they became a tag team after and tagged for about 6 years, before going on singles’ runs. They reunited in the start of the year and it was THE BEST THING! There’s a lot of drama & heartbreak involved in their story and if you want to know more, you should SO read this article here (The history of the Golden Lovers)

They are probably the most talented guys and the best in the world if you ask me.

The Young Bucks (Nick & Matt Jackson)


Like the Hardyz, they are real life brothers. I am addicted to their youtube show ‘Being the Elite’, which they have been running for a couple of years now. Check it out. It started out as a vlog, documenting their life as wrestlers, their travels & matches.. But it slowly evolved into a fun little series, with lots of cameos by other wrestlers. It ties in nicely with their ongoing storylines & gives some backstory. It also mixes up kayfabe and real life and it’s SO hilarious! Th Bucks are part of the Bullet Club in Japan, while also forming the group ‘The Elite’ with Kenny Omega. They are super fun to watch and can have great matches with everyone. They currently work for NJPW, Ring of Honor and various Indie promotions. I saw them live in Melbourne this year and they were awesome!!


The tag champs in New Japan Pro Wrestling! Apart from having the best look, they are great wrestlers as well. I am really getting into NJPW at the moment and notice how many amazing guys they have running around there. Sanada is probably in my Top 5 right now.

Also, step aside, Undertaker! EVIL has a scythe! Where’s yours??


Also cool teams: DIY, Edge & Christian, The Usos, The Dudleys

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