My Twitter experience #1

I’ve been using twitter for a month now and thought it might be interesting to share my opinion so far.

It’s okay.

It doesn’t make a big impact, but I didn’t expect that, after only one month and still not being as active as I want to. I’ve been linking to my posts, but most of my views are still coming from wordpress (and that’s cool!). It’s harder to get recognition than for example on instagram. I almost get no likes at all on twitter and after one month I have 22 followers.

I don’t know whether there is a secret to it 😀 But I am experimenting.

I do follow 43 people at the moment – a mix of authors, pro-wrestlers, wrestling fans and book bloggers. None of my friends or family members use twitter (as far as I know).

I noticed that I don’t like it, when people ‘take over’ my feed, that means tweeting non-stop for hours or re-tweeting everything they come across. I deleted a couple of people who do that.

You also have the option of muting the people you actually follow. That means their tweets just don’t show up in your feed, but you can go to their pages and access the tweets there. I do that with only one account as they post pretty cool pics but they are also posting a lot I am not interested in.

I also can’t stand people talking about American politics too much. That’s why I unfollowed a couple celebrities^^

If you post a link to youtube, it doesn’t give you a preview, but only the link. Maybe that’s just me not figuring it out? Or it really doesn’t work^^ I kinda would like to actually see what’s shown instead of just having the link there..

It CAN be annoying – especially when I see all of those promoted tweets and have to mute them. I’d rather not see them at all.

The good thing is though, that you CAN decide what you want to see and what you don’t want to see. There’s nothing you can’t delete/mute/turn off.

I enjoy reading tweets by fellow wrestling fans who are into the same promotions and wrestlers I am, as I don’t know any in real life, apart from Mr. DZ.

My highlights so far?

Brian McClellan retweeted my review of ‘The Autumn Republic’, which made me really happy!

Flip Gordon (a pro-wrestler) shared one of my tweets about him in New Japan’s ‘Best of the Super Juniors’ tournament. Yay!


  1. Lately Twitter has been clogging up my notifications with what the people are “liking” and stuff, which is really annoying me. I just want to see my mentions! but there doesn’t seem to be a way to turn off that feature 😦

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    1. The best thing about Twitter has always been the ability to curate your own content, but Twitter seems pretty committed to continuing to push stuff on you. Promoted tweets, sure, they need to make advertising money. But I wish they would leave the rest well enough alone. (Especially since when you like instead of retweet something you are making a conscious decision NOT to put that in front of your followers.)

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  2. Well, I am glad to read all of this. makes me glad I let you test the waters. It definitely sounds like it is not for me. I’d probably go into frothing rages every day and die of a heart attack.

    I am so glad I didn’t have to test this out myself…

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  3. Just followed you! 🙂

    I’ve been on Twitter for about three years but really actively started using it two months ago as a tool to help promote my blog and interact with the community. It has taken some time but I REALLY love twitter now, and now that I am using it fairly consistently I am seeing a bit more traffic come over. For me though the best thing has been getting to know other book bloggers in a more “real time” situation, and it feels more like an authentic conversation than in WP comments. That in and of itself makes Twitter my favorite social media platform, personally.

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  4. Didn’t realize you were on Twitter. Followed.

    I think we all have a love/hate relationship with it. I like it more than facebook (my other social media account), but I use it very differently. My twitter account is mostly about books and less about politics or family though a little of both will creep in at times. What I really enjoy about Twitter is the interaction with authors and other bloggers which wouldn’t happen as much for me in other venues, even here on the blogs. Some authors are jerks, but most are really cool and seem to like talking to readers…unless you’re being a jerk to them. And it’s always fun to talk about book love with other bloggers and readers.

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  5. *puts up hand* and admits that sometimes I’m in Twitter on and off all day. I’m probably someone who clogs up other people’s feeds. Occasionally, one of those tweets gets 60,000 views or is liked by someone famous or who is a big deal on Twitter. I’m chipping away at my 10,000 hours, learning my writing craft here, and also making a few new contacts and friends. So many full-time, professional writers use Twitter for socialisation when they take breaks from writing.
    I think that to properly get the benefits from Twitter, you need to go on it every day, tweeting at least one of your thoughts, retweeting something that caught your eye, favouriting a couple of posts you like, tweeting articles from other websites that you like, and reaching out -slowly- to people who you find interesting. Look at other people’s ‘likes’ and just fall down the twitter rabbit hole for an hour or two. You’ll get hooked very soon. You need to put the work in to curate it into something bespoke to you. Then, when one of your favourite authors, actors, bands or tv programmes likes one of your posts, it’s pretty awesome.


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