I got a new toy

Last week I came home from work.. to see that Mr. DZ got me an AWESOME present! A Nintendo Switch!! I couldn’t believe it, I’ve wanted one since it came out last year! I was super hype, of course and happy to see that Mr. DZ already set it all up. He got an extra controller for us as well, which means we can play together, just like we do on our SNES!

I love that you can use it as a hand-held but also connect it to the TV!

wwe 2k18The first game we got was WWE 2k18, the official WWE game.. Of course 😉 It’s amazing, the graphics just blow my mind! There’s so much you can do and it’s actually quite hard to play. No more button mashing^^ I love the concept though and started playing in ‘MyCareer’ mode, where I made my own wrestler and try to make him champ^^ I like this game so far, but there’s a big problem. It’s freezing all the time! Research told me, that it was the newest update and the only thing we can do is wait for them to fix it with the next. Yeah…

I couldn’t resist though and went to the shops one day later tobreath of the wild but Breath of the Wild.

And I am in awe. This games blows my mind. As a long-time Zelda fan, I am super impressed! I love the open world, the graphics(!!!), the controls, the thousands of little details. It’s so much fun to play! I am sure I will be very much occupied during winter.

I’ve been looking at other games as well, although I probably won’t buy anything new too soon, as I want to just play Breath of the Wild now.

I did hear there’s a new cool Zelda game on the way though and Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze is super high on my list!

Other games I am looking at are: Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Trilogy & Stardew Valley.

Does anyone of you own a Switch? Any games you can recommend to me? I am open for suggestions 🙂 I do like all the old retro games, anything Mario, Donkey Kong, Street Fighter makes me happy haha


  1. Ahoy there. I have to admit that I be rather jealous of this treasure haul. I have wanted a Switch for Zelda alone since I first heard about its existence. And yet I feel that it would consume me life and I wouldn’t do anything else. Plus there is the cost. But oh so tempting . . .
    x The Captain

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  2. Mr. Wyrm enjoys Super Mario Odyssey on the Switch a lot. He also really liked Typoman. Really clever art and game play for that one. (http://www.typoman.net/)

    I have played Stardew Valley on my PS4, and I love it. I expect that it would be just as good on the Switch, and possibly a lot better if they change the fishing game play. Have fun!

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