Top Ten Tuesday: Popular movies I haven’t watched (yet)

hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl

There are surely a lot more, but those came to mind:

The Matrix Trilogy


I like SciFi movies, but when this one first came out, I wasn’t into it that much and I just never considered watching it after.

Will I still watch it? Yes, at some point probably. Mr. DZ said the first one is good. Not sure if I will watch all of them though.

The Godfather


Shame on me! For a long time, I couldn’t stand watching really old movie. There is a lot more to catch up on for me, like all the Clint Eastwood movies for example.

Will I watch it? For sure! We just have to find the time, which is hard at the moment. But I am really interested and want to watch it.

Black Panther

black panther

One of the more recent ones. Got raving reviews and everyone seems to love it.

Will I watch it? No, it doesn’t interest me at all. I lost almost all of my interest in comic adaptations.

Wonder Woman

wonder woman

Similar to Black Panther. Everyone I knew said it was great and kept talking about it.

Will I watch it? Nope, I never cared about Wonder Woman and will surely not watch a whole movie about her.



I AM A CAR AND I CAN TALK, BRRM BRRM! I couldn’t think of anything more stupid than this movie franchise – not interested at all and I can’t believe they made so many movies!

The Fast and the Furious

fast and furious

I hate watching car races and I hate those movies. Not even the Rock will make me watch them. I also can’t stand Vin Diesel and would probably fall asleep or be pissed off non-stop if someone actually made me watch those. I am glad Mr. DZ doesn’t like the movies either.

Mission Impossible

tom cruise

Mr. DZ says it’s worth watching.

Will I watch it? Absolutely not. I don’t do Tom Cruise.

Schindler’s List

schindler's list

School tried to make us watch it all the time and everyone kept going on about how important it is for us. Schoolgirl DZ didn’t want any of it. If you want to force something on me, I’m a rebel.

Will I watch it one day? Probably.



Welll… I don’t even know what it’s about to be honest! I know the name. That’s it.

Will I watch it? Yes! It looks like drama & heartbreak, I’m all in.



It always scared me when I was little and I wasn’t allowed to watch it anyways.

Will I watch it now? Not priority, but I would give it a try, if it was on.


  1. I was forced to watch Matrix when I came out. Not my jam. The only reason I value having watched it is because I get all the references lol. I haven’t seen most of the movies on your list either (with no desire too). The only one I watched and actually liked was MI (it was before Tom Cruise got all annoying and Tom Cruise-ish haha. I generally can’t watch him either). Great list. 🙂

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    1. Haha, Getting forced to watch a movie probably wouldn’t have helped 😀 Mr. DZ forced me to watch all the Terminator movies.. I have to admit, I liked the second. But everything else was kinda ‘meh’ and I can’t take Arnie seriously, really. I like him… and lots of his movies, but his accent…

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  2. *steps up on pedestal to the microphone*

    Ahem, tap, tap, is this thing working?

    Ok, here we go!

    You are quite mistaken about the Matrix. There is no trilogy. Just the original and then some really bad fanfic movies that accidentally got a huge hollywood budget. Stay away from them 😦
    I LOVE the Matrix. One of my top movies ever. If they do a reboot/remake, I will not be watching the new stuff, as Keanu Reeves IS Neo.

    Have not seen or read the Godfather. I’ve seen the scene of the bed and the horsehead, so I’m all set thanks.

    Black Panther will probably not get watched by me. I don’t care about some b-level superhero getting the A-list treatment.

    Wonderwoman I watched but really didn’t enjoy it. I have no idea why everyone else raved about it. Maybe gender politics?

    I have to admit, I own the first 3 Transformer movies. I own the first 2 solely because of Megan Fox. Not my proudest moment.

    F&F. I watched through the TokyoDrift one but then got confused about titles, as they all sound the same and so drifted away. Muscle cars don’t do it for me either. I don’t mind Vin Diesel, but he’s never struck me as a “good” actor, just competent.

    MI. I’ve watched them all and liked them all. They definitely are on the silly side when it comes to what is possible, but hey, it wouldn’t have the word Impossible in the title if I was supposed to think it was real, right? 😀

    I’ve watched Casablanca and would recommend it just for the cultural aspects of it. I don’t remember thinking it was a great movie though.

    Wow, I ended up typing way more than expected and it’s all about me. Almost like I’m a narcissist or something 😉

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    1. Oh my, Bookstooge! Thanks for taking some precious time to write such an elaborate comment 🙂

      Okay, okay, so only the ONE Matrix movie, I got it! And I assume Keanu is great in it? I love the man!

      Good to hear I am not the only one not into ‘Black Panther’. All the hype will probably not help either, because IF I watch it, I’d expect an absolute masterpiece and then you quickly get disappointed.

      Megan Fox? Well, that’s alright, I think Mr. DZ did the same with the first.. But really didn’t like it, despite her. At last you didn’t watch it because of Shia LaBeouf (I had to look up how to spell his name…)

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      1. My bromance with Reeves started with the Matrix. I own the other two movies as well, but really, the first movie ends at a great place.

        I went into WonderWoman after hearing all the hype and was disappointed, so considering how much hoopla is surrounding Black Panther, I’ll wait a couple of years.

        I’m glad you looked up LaBeouf’s name, ’cause I had no idea either. So, I just watched the first movie after this little post of yours. Oh my goodness. It was awkward and uncomfortable and not even Miss Fox could make me really enjoy it. Which means that the later movies are probably even worse. Sometimes not remembering is the best solution 😦

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      2. Oh no! Why would you torture yourself like that?? 😀 Thanks for taking one for the team though! And if even Megan Fox can’t help, I will probably never mention the movies again and ignore them for now!

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  3. Oh these lists remind me that I’m also so behind on movies. There is never enough time to watch and read and play all the movies, book, and games I want! Though I have seen some of the older ones on here, I have to echo Bentley above and say that the Alien movies (1 and 2 anyway) are really good. Aliens is James Cameron at his best. I also have not seen Black Panther yet. Soon, hopefully.

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    1. I know, right?? So much to do! Unfortunately movies are behind reading, watching series & gaming on my priority list 😀 (the ‘problems’ we have 😉 )

      I keep track of interesting movies I come across though. To watch at some point 😉 (when I am retired, probably!)


  4. I saw the last matrix movie in the theatres because my friends wanted to see it. I had not seen anything previously. So not worth it. I didn’t think Wonder Woman was that amazing. I did really like Black Panther but I understand being a bit done with the Marvel movies. My husband loves the Transformer movies, well the first few anyway. I saw the last one and it so does not make any sense, suddenly using king arthur and his knights, lesigh.
    And oh my gosh. So glad to see someone else who prefers skipping Tom Cruise if possible.

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    1. What what, King Arthur and his knights appear in the TRANSFORMERS movies?? 😀 Like in, jokingly or are serious? Bwahahahaha, I can’t imagine how weird and goofy that would be!

      Oh god, watching the third without having seen the first 2 Matrix movies must have been SO confusing, poor you 😀

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  5. Don’t worry, I didn’t watch a lot of the movies on your list either.
    I’ve seen all Matrix movies and liked the first.
    I never watched Godfather and never will. I don’t like old movies AND I don’t like Mafia stuff.
    I guess I will watch Black Panther, because I’m still into the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
    I will not watch Wonderwoman, because I don’t like DC and was never interested in Wonderwoman at all. Female Heroes often annoy me a lot.
    I’ve seen the first Transformer movie and it was cringe worthy. But not as much about the cars and more about the main characters who acted dumb.

    With Fast and the Furious it is the same… I hate car racing and I don’t like Vin Diesel either. So nope…not for me.
    Casablanca?! Nope… Again 😀

    Funny list. I have also a list with popular movies I never watched. Should do a TTT too. 😀

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    1. Yes, PLEASE do a list, I’d love to see it 🙂

      I see we agree on a lot, if you think Transformers is cringey, I am 100% sure I’d agree! Even though watching cringeworthy movies together in a group is fun, I don’t think I could watch this particular one haha. Remember that Dracula movie we watched? ‘His name is Vlaaaaaad’ – that was so much fun, but such a horrible movie!!

      Agree on DC – apart from the Batmans, that I kinda liked (I like watching Christian Bale^^), I wasn’t interested in anything else.


  6. Casablance is awesome.

    The Fast & Furious franchise is interesting as a cultural artifact in that it went from a poor man’s Point Break to two largely ignored sequels to inexplicably become this weird blockbuster behemoth.

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  7. I haven’t seen Black Panther or Wonder Woman either. I want to see both of them, but in both cases the hype has made me avoid them so far, so they’ll end up being rental movies at some point in the future. (I’m kinda wondering if Infinity War will end up that way, too. If Mr. Wyrm doesn’t plan an outing, I suspect it will.) I also have avoided Schindler’s List due to people trying to make me watch it. And yet, someday… eventually…

    There is only one Matrix. It’s worth watching, just know going into it that there is no sequel. 😉

    The best part of the Transformers movies is the soundtrack. I gave up after the first movie, but the second movie’s soundtrack has been great instrumental music to write to.

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    1. Oh, I love soundtracks! I need to look it up, thanks for mentioning 🙂

      We haven’t watched Infinity War yet either.. We talked about maybe going.. But to be honest, we’d rather do other things haha, so we probably wait until it’s on Foxtel. In a couple of years or so.


      1. LOL, I haven’t wanted to brave opening day (or weekend) crowds for any movies since The Lord of the Rings series finished. I guess I’m showing my introvert side…

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  8. Give Black Panther a chance! 🙂
    I do suffer a little from “superhero fatigue” and was skeptical about this one, but I found that it was more than just a collection of special effects and explosions: as a friend said to me “it’s a superhero movie with a soul”, and I agree…

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  9. Alien gets my vote always. Just from knowing what they did for different scenes. Looove it. As for the rest, i liked Vin in the Riddick movies, but its getting old now… transformers, meh, Black Panther, guess becuase of distorted black culture? and Africa and who doesn’t love Africa? Matrix was a phase I went through, still dont get most of the film. The rest, i donnow, dont think im missing much

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      1. They are doing it so well now tho… matrix was cool, it was just way to computery for me, as in scifi but inside computer. Its great, some parts i just couldnt understand. Some great metal i got from the soundtracks tho!


  10. Ooh fun post to do 😀 I do think it’s worth giving Matrix and *definitely* recommend the Godfather!! (part 1 and 2, I never bothered with 3 tbh) I do want to see Black Panther, but I totally get what you mean about comic movie fatigue- I think for me personally I’m not in a rush cos of that. Ditto goes for Wonder Woman. haha Transformers is crap- good call 😉 I’ve no desire to watch Mission Impossible or fast and furious either. I’ve not seen Schindler’s List either. Awesome post!

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  11. Dude! Yo! My mouth was one big O the more I read. That’s a lot of good films man!
    I’d recommend the first Matrix film. You can skip the rest. They were whack.
    I was late to the Godfather too. I watched it for the first time last year, I think, and thought it was decent.
    I actually really enjoyed Black Panther. I thought they did a great job with it and is worth the watch. But I’m not into superhero comics so I don’t know how well the movie holds up as an adaptation and all. I think the reason why I enjoy these movies so much is because I don’t know anything about the source material.
    Didn’t think Wonder Woman was all that.
    Transformers was nice when it just came out and had all the hype but I’m not crazy about those big machines.
    Fast & Furious is my guilty pleasure. Def not for you if you don’t like fast cars. But if you do, maann…!!! 😀 I enjoy them and fast cars, music, fights, and just enough story to make the first three hold together. lol!
    I’m with you about Tom Cruise but the first MI movie was decent. I watched it for the first last year too, I think, or the year before that.
    Alien is fucking badass. I def recommend that!

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    1. Thanks for your post!! Uh, I know about guilty pleasures! Mine are The Expendables movies, I love them to bits 😀 And wish they’d make another one^^

      Alien will definitely be on my watchlist now – I didn’t know it was THAT beloved 😀


      1. I LOVE THOSE MOVIES!!! 😀 😀 Expendables exceeds the Fast & Furious movies for me. I love them so much because Van Daam, Stallone, Chuck Noriss, Jet Li, and Schwarzenegger were some of my fav actors when I was young. I loved action movies and their movies were all fights. When I saw them all come together for the movies, I was crazy happy.

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      2. YESSSS!! I so agree! It’s like a cross-over of your favourite action guys 😀 And you know what? The first had STONE COLD Steve Austin in it, so it covered EVERYTHING, even Wrestling 🙂


      3. Oh yes!! i can’t believe I forgot he was in it! That was awesome, but the second one was my favorite.
        Ahh now I feel like rewatching them.

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