Top Ten Tuesday: What I miss about living in Germany

hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl

(apart from family & friends of course! And my book collection that I had to leave behind!)

Mostly food…

Christmas Markets

Christmas market in Annaberg-Buchholz

Germany has THE best Christmas markets! I kinda miss the whole atmosphere. It was always so special. I miss the cold, all the yummy food, the scents, the Gluehwein, the burned almonds, etc. Going to the markets was always so much fun and I loved it when it was dark and you could see all the lights. It’s weird to celebrate Christmas in summer. I will never get used to it. It’s such a totally different atmosphere. I want to go back to Europe over Christmas at some point.

Being so close to other countries

That’s a big thing that I didn’t really appreciate until recently. In Germany, we could just jump in the car and drive to the Netherlands. Trips to Venloo were tradition 😉 But even flying to Spain or the UK was so easy and so cheap. Now the closest different country is New Zealand! There’s enough to see in Australia alone though, so I’m not really complaining. And we have all of Asia to explore.



AAH I MISS IT SO MUCH! It’s a vanilla/hazelnut custard and SUPER delicious! I heard rumours that they sometimes offer it over here at Aldi but I haven’t seen it yet. If I do, I make sure to buy ALL OF THEM!

Affordable booze

I don’t mean the $3 vodka that will probably make you blind… But my favourite rum was somewhere around 12 Euro. The same one here is almost 3 times as much.

That cherry Iced Tea

kirsch eistee

The BEST iced tea ever! All of the ‘Pfanner’ ones are great if I think about it. We used to mix them as well. They had this great ‘Christmas/Winter flavoured’ one, that you could warm up as well. Delicious!

I used to drink a LOT of iced tea in Germany. But not so much anymore here, they are all too sweet.

Flavoured buttermilk


Or buttermilk in general. There is only one brand here and it’s so expensive. Buttermilk was one of the cheapest groceries in Germany and I loved it. The plain one, as well as the many flavoured ones, especially lemon!



Flavoured milk. SO good! They had so many great flavours, I especially liked Chocolate&Coconut. Or only coconut. Kinda reminds me of my childhood, cause mum always bought it for us 🙂

Sucuk from the Turkish butcher

Sucuk is a spicy Turkish sausage, that we always bought for BBQ. It was my favourite and I am still on a quest to find it here. I had it once in a restaurant, but it wasn’t the same 😦 I won’t give up though…

Chili Cheese nuggets from Burger King

chili cheese

You know, Burger King exists here, but it’s called ‘Hungry Jacks’. They do have almost all the products you get in Europe. But NO CHILI CHEESE NUGGETS AND I AM SUFFERING! I was eating bags of those and I will never get over the fact that they don’t exist here!

I tried several recipes and actually found one that is pretty good. Still… it was my favourite Take-Away food!



Raw pork mince with salt, pepper and raw onion on fresh bread. The best!


  1. “Yes, the world famous Mettigel!! 😀 A German tradition haha – did you try/like it?”

    Oh no no! My meat is medium well and I don’t even like touching raw meat haha

    I loved the chocolate creme Hit cookies! Are you familiar with them?


      1. Nope, they’ve been around for 125 years (per their website lol) Bahlsen is the brand I guess.
        Actually, Im pretty sure I can get them here but I had them in Hamburg.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Very cool list! I do wish Burger King would at least on occasion offer their location-specific foods in other places. The chili cheese nuggest sound delicious. And Burger King poutine might not be real Canadian poutine, but it’s better than nothing. (And I don’t get to Canada for the real stuff as often as I’d like.)

    I have a problem with most prepared iced tea being too sweet, too. I get around it by brewing a big pitcher of tea and then serving it chilled and over ice. More work, but tastes better.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Ha, I know what you mean! Self made is great, but a bit of a hassle. I used to have my fridge full of homemade iced tea at some point. I think it was my last summer in Germany and I had to save money haha


  3. Such a cool list! I’ve always wanted to go to a German Christmas market in Germany. And yeah, I get what you mean about not always feeling like I appreciate being so close to Europe. Annnd this post has made me hungry 😉

    Liked by 1 person

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