All the books I started….

I have to make a confession. I have way too many books that I started but abandoned somewhere in the middle.

Is this a thing? Do you guys think it’s sometimes not the right time for a novel?

Anyways.. here are the books I started but then put aside. And my decision whether to keep them or get rid of them.

Oathbringer / Brandon Sanderson (367/1233)


That’s the most surprising one. It’s just too big for me at the moment. I might even be in a little ‘Sanderson slump’. I liked what I read so far, but I don’t feel like anything too complex at the moment. I am 100% sure that when I pick it up again, I will get pulled in again. But I don’t want to read it right now. It’s a good book for winter, I feel. So I leave it for later. And there’s a good thing – the longer I take, the shorter the wait for book 4, ha!


Desperation / Stephen King (102/706)


I am definitely intrigued but Horror is not what I want to read right now. Maybe I had too much King last year and need a break. The book is definitely for me. Another time.


A Cavern of Black Ice / J. V. Jones (Reread – 276/804)


This is one of the books I pick up here and then but never read more than a couple of pages. It’s pretty dark and I get cold reading it, as the setting is snowy, icy and pretty uncomfortable. I like the book, I have read it before.


Rogues / George R. R. Martin (235/909)


I liked the start, but it gradually got worse until I skipped half of a story cause it was so boring. Not gonna force myself to read it any longer. I might pick it up to read the stories by my favourite authors, but that’s it for me.

It’s GONE!

London / Christoph Marzi (221/703)


I was so looking forward to this book. It’s by one of my favourite German authors and my mom was so nice to send it to me. I feel bad for not finishing it, but it drives me mad with all those repetitions. It always was one of the author’s problems, but I assume the editors were able to reign it in. In this one.. It seems like no editor looked over it. It’s just driving me nuts, I can’t take it.

DELETE! the book!

Empire in Black and Gold / Adrian Tchaikovsky (15%)


I read a good chunk of it in the end of last year and am a fan! I like the setting, the characters, the story.. But then there were books I wanted to read more and I didn’t go back to it. I almost forgot about it! I am sure I will pick it up again though. No rush.


Did you ever think it’s not the right time for books and put them aside to read later?





  1. I understand that feeling. Most of the times though, if I stop a book, that’s it. It’s DNF time. Now, I will put a book aside for a day, but I don’t start another in its place because then yeah, I’d come back to it months later and have to start all over.
    Do you read multiple books at once, or try to go through one before starting another? I tend to read one book at a time (excepting my work lunch book and manga/graphic novels) but for a couple of years I’d be reading up to 3-4 different books over the course of the week.

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    1. I mostly read 2 books at the same time. One on my Kindle and one paperback. Mostly^^

      I’ve done it often in the past – put a book aside to read another time. It does work for me more often than not though. Some of my favourite books are ones that I picked up a second time, so I am not too worried 🙂

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  2. Exactly the same here… Started to many different books (9) and struggle to get through them. Finished one yesterday and I’m unsure which to read next. The weather changes are rough here at the moment and I don’t feel like reading at all.
    Bought two new bookshelves today and now I’m sorting again. I hope it will lead me into a reading mood soon.

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  3. Yeah, I do the same. Mine are all listed on Goodreads as “currently reading” though it’s been years (some almost 8 years) since I’ve picked them up. I keep meaning to but never get back to them.

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      1. It’s a long time but not so long compared to Joe Queenan. I just remembered that I read his book, One for the Books, couple years ago and, if I remember clearly, he says in it that he sets books aside for long stretches of time.

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  4. Oathbringer really should have had about 300 pages chopped from it…mostly from the first half.

    I have the bad habit of simultaneously reading a half dozen plus books at a time, which can really make some books drag.

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  5. Ich habe Lycidas, Llilith und Lumen von Marzi gelesen, bin aber bereits beim zweiten Buch genervt gewesen wegen der Wiederholungen und das dritte kaum mehr beenden. Ich kann Dich so verstehen. 🙂

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  6. haha it makes sense to wait until book 4 for Oathbreaker! And I get into slumps for individual authors, so that makes sense. I couldn’t get into Rogues, so I gave it back to the library, so I relate there! Ah I definitely get what you mean about repetitive books. And yeah I’ve definitely had books that I’ve realised just aren’t for me when I pick them up- I usually read a small amount and then put it down. Great post!

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  7. I totally do this! Sometimes it’s a book I own vs. library books, sometimes it’s too deep a subject matter, etc. I’m actually doing that currently: I’m setting aside A Brief History of Time to finish later because I do want to finish it, but I’ve listened to so many science non-fiction audio books lately that it feels like this one is a repeat of what I’ve been reading. (It’s not, but it’s not fair to this book to read it right now.) I don’t usually have many on this list, though. Usually it’s “currently reading” or “DNF”. (Though, I will admit I do have a “time out” shelf on Goodreads where I store a list of the books I’ve put aside yet still intend to finish.)

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  8. You’re showing me up with my need to go through my bookshelves, find all my abandoned books and try to remember why I abandoned them in the first place! It’s probably easier than finding somewhere to put that forth bookcase…

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