What I thought about Wrestlemania Weekend

I am not going to write a review, that would be too long, as I watched way too much Wrestling at the weekend. So just some tidbits I think are worth mentioning.

Seth Rollins as a freaking White Walker was everything.

seth rollins

He also won the title in a great match, so I was VERY happy with that. Seth Rollins used to be one of my favourites and he’s slowly getting up there again. After putting on awesome matches during the last months and dressing up as the NIGHT KING! Here we go, guys. I spoil Game of Thrones. Seth Rollins will sit the Iron Throne. It is known.

Adam Cole BAYBAY


This guy is quickly growing on me. I wasn’t a fan when he debuted, because I wasn’t familiar with his indie work and his first matches weren’t impressive. But damn, did he just become very interesting after NXT TakeOver New Orleans. Not only did he become first ever North American champion in an amazing ladder match – he also kinda defended the tag team titles. By lying on the ground for almost the whole match after he went through a table :D. He’s so good at portraying a smug prick. He got Rodrick Strong to join his ‘Undisputed Era’ and turn on his tag team partner Pete Dunne. And I was so sure it would be the other way round! I mean, look at Pete Dunne. You can’t trust this guy, right?!..Well, I was wrong!pete dunne

Ronda Rousey actually had a pretty good match

Who would have thought? I thought that her whole tag match, together with Kurt Angle against HHH and Stephanie McMahon was WAY better than expected. I was NOT a big fan of Ronda coming to the WWE, but she is convincing me more and more. That was some great story-telling and very entertaining in general. I liked how she beat up HHH. He sold that well. Everyone in that match did great.

Jerry Lawler threw a fireball at Joey Ryan’s dick

joey ryan

Yes, you are reading this right. An old man dressed up as a King hit Joey Ryan’s dick with a fireball in a match at Wrestlecon. Joey Ryan is a wrestler who wrestles with. his. dick. It’s hilarious and a bit disturbing. If you like goofy, fun wrestling. Look him up if you like haha

Johnny Gargano vs. Tommaso Ciampa was my match of the weekend

I was kinda sure it would be, with all their backstory and drama. I was happy to see that it went on last and ended perfectly! I was SO invested and it helped a lot, that the audience was super into it. I can’t remember the last time a heel got as much heat as Ciampa. And a pure babyface worked as well as Johnny Wrestling.

I did also really like Hangman Page vs Kota Ibushi at ‘Ring of Honor”s event this weekend. I don’t think Ibushi is able to have bad matches at all.

Brock Lesnar has to go

Just put the goddam title on TV again. I am NOT a fan of Roman, and I normally like Brock, but I can’t believe that he as a part-timer is STILL holding the title. After a YEAR! And that match was total rubbish and not worthy to be a main event or be on the card at all. Total fail. And the crowd was actually chanting ‘This is awful’.

I did NOT like a lot of endings of the Wrestlemania matches

Naomi winning the Women’s Battle Royal? Really? That was so underwhelming.. Especially since it was only revealed in the end, that she was still in the match. Dumb call.

Rusev got pinned by freaking Jinder Mahal. One of your most over wrestlers takes the pin for one of your least over ones, who is a walking Roid-Machine. What a let down.

Asuka taps out to Charlotte. I liked the match but that came kinda suddenly. After Asuka was undefeated for way over a year. I expected her to take more ‘damage’ before. She lost too easily.

AJ Styles vs Shinsuke Nakamura was disappointing

I was hype and this match did NOT deliver. Too slow, too uneventful. And the crowd was flat after watching wrestling for 6 hours. I liked the heel turn in the end – that was unexpected. But the match itself.. I was expecting so much more. And I know that both are able to have awesome matches. Especially AJ Styles. So I don’t know what happened there.

Braun Strowman’s Tag Team Partner was a kid from the audience?

It was supposed to be different & funny but for me it didn’t work. After weeks of teasing who this mystery partner is, Braun picks a random kid from the audience and wins the match on his own with some shenanigans. I see what they wanna do.. But I was expecting someone cool to come out and team up with Braun. Like Batista. Or even Elias. Or Neville. It made the former champs look weak as well, as basically one man won the titles on his own. And where is this story going from now? Will he get a real partner tomorrow on Raw? I hope so!

I LOVE Ember Moon’s look!!

ember moon

Shame she lost the title, but I am sure she will be seen on Raw or Smackdown the next days.


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